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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Financial support for traineeships

  • I'm resident in France and unemployed. I'm interested in vocational training in Belgium, but the French authorities say I'll lose my unemployment benefits because it takes place outside France. Is this legal?

    POSSIBLY. While you are resident in France and comply with the conditions set by the national employment authorities, you remain entitled to unemployment benefits.

    If you decide to follow vocational training in another EU country, under certain conditions you might be entitled to continue receiving unemployment benefits for a limited period of time.

    The authorities can't refuse to continue paying your unemployment benefits for the sole reason that the training takes place in another EU country. But they can refuse if the training scheme does not meet any specific criteria that exist under French law.

  • I am an unemployed UK citizen receiving ‘job seeker's allowance' in the UK. I've been accepted on a traineeship (under Erasmus+), part of which is in Norway and part in Holland.

    My job centre told me I will lose the allowance if I go to Norway. Am I entitled to any support from either the UK, Norway or Holland?

    NO - jobseeker's allowance is not payable outside the UK.

    The British government might provide a different type of support ( maintenance support) while you are abroad - but you'll need to ask them if you're eligible.

    You are not eligible for student grants or loans from either the Norwegian or Dutch government until you have acquired a right of permanent residence in either country (after you have lived there for at least 5 years).
  • I am Portuguese and currently working full time and living in Poland.

    I've been offered a scholarship to fund a 3-month work placement in Germany. At the same time, I will also attend a German language course in a college.

    Would my stay count as an internship or vocational training?

    If you're enrolled for the whole period in an educational establishment accredited or financed by Germany, and the main purpose of your stay is to attend the language course, then your stay would constitute vocational training and you would be regarded as a student.

    But if the main purpose of your stay is the work placement, then your stay would be treated as an internship.


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