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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Travel documents for non-EU family members

  • I'm Swedish. My husband is from Peru and needs an entry visa to travel to EU countries. We want to travel to Slovakia. Does he have to pay for a visa?

    NO - He does not, family members of EU nationals can get their entry visas free of charge.

  • I am a non-EU national living in Romania with my Latvian husband.  What documents do I need to travel to Portugal?

    If you hold a residence card issued in Romania under EU law and you plan to travel to Portugal with or to join your husband, or any other EU family member, you can enter Portugal simply on presentation of your passport and your residence card.

    However, if you travel to Portugal on your own and do not plan to join EU family members there, you will require a visa even if you hold a valid residence card.

  • I am a non-EU national married to an Irish national and living in Ireland with him.  I hold an Irish residence permit.   We plan to travel to France together later this year.  Do I have to get a visa to enter France or can I rely on my Irish residence card?

    You will need a visa to enter France.  Your residence permit was issued under Irish law rather than EU law as you are married to an Irish citizen and living in Ireland, (i.e. you are not exercising EU Treaty rights).  However, since you will be travelling with your husband to France, your visa should be granted quickly and free of charge.

  • I am a non-EU national married to a Greek national living in Italy.  I have recently been promoted and my new role will involve travelling to the UK and Ireland.  Can I rely on my Italian residence card to enter other countries of the EU or will I need a visa as well?

    Since you will be travelling outside the Schengen area and will not be travelling with or to join an EU family member, your residence card will not suffice.  You will need a valid visa to enter these countries.  Depending on the number of times you will need to travel to these countries, you should consider applying for a multi-entry visa for each country.

  • I am the non-EU parent of a child of Irish nationality.  We live in Ireland but plan to travel to the UK together for a short stay.  Will I be charged for my visa to enter the UK?

    NO -  If you are travelling with or to join your Irish child in the UK, you should not be charged by the UK authorities who should issue your visa quickly and free of charge.

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