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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Rail passenger rights

  • My train was 45 minutes late. That seems quite a lot for a short journey of less than 3 hours. Am I entitled to any money back?

    NO - For you to be entitled to compensation, the delay must be at least one hour.

  • When travelling by rail from Paris to Brussels my electric wheelchair was damaged beyond repair when it fell from a shelf on the train.  It had been placed there by staff from the rail company.  Am I entitled to claim the cost of replacing it from the rail company?

    YES - There is no financial limit where the  railway company is responsible for damage to mobility equipment.

  • What are my rights if the train on which I am travelling is blocked on the track?

    If your train is blocked on the track, the railway company must arrange (alternative) transport from your train to the railway station, to an alternative departure point or to the final destination when and where physically possible.

  • Am I allowed to take my bicycle on to any train?

    YES - provided your bicycle is easy to handle and does not adversely affect the specific rail service. It also depends on whether the train itself allows for the transport of bicycles (size, space etc.) and a fee may be charged. Consequently, you should check with the rail company before travelling.


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