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Last checked : 11/10/2018

Travel documents for minors – Malta

Minors of Maltese nationality travelling with an identity card are generally permitted to travel if they are accompanied by both parents or if they are in possession of written consent from both parents. This written consent by both parents must be certified as authentic.

If the minors travel with a passport, additional written consent is not required since both parents must give their consent for a passport to be issued.

No additional special document is required for them to (re-)enter Malta. (They will not be checked by the Border Control authorities if travelling between Schengen countries.)

Other than a valid national ID card or passport, minors who are nationals of another EU country do not need any other specific document to enter or leave Malta if they are travelling between Schengen countries as there are no checks by Border Guards or immigration officers.

If they enter Malta from a country outside Schengen, it is assumed that their departure has been checked and approved according to the rules in that country. But, if they notice something untoward or which may appear suspicious, Border Guards and immigration officers can make enquiries to ensure they are bona fide travellers. The authorities can also carry out similar checks for minors leaving Malta for a country outside Schengen.

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