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Last checked: 11/10/2018

Travel documents for minors – Croatia

Other than their own valid travel document (ID card or passport), no additional document is required for children/minors travelling to or from the Republic of Croatia accompanied by a person who does not have parental responsibility for them.

Border guards pay special attention to minors, whether they are travelling alone or are accompanied. In the case of accompanied minors, border guards check that the persons accompanying them have parental responsibility for them, especially if they are travelling with one adult only. If there are serious grounds to suspect that the minor may have been unlawfully removed from the custody of the person(s) who is legally responsible for them, border guards will carry out additional checks to detect any possible inconsistencies or contradictions in the information given.

In the case of unaccompanied minors border guards thoroughly check their travel and supporting documents to ensure that the minor is not leaving the country against the wishes of the person(s) who has parental responsibility for them.

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