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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Work permits

  • When I complain about working conditions that appear illegal under Austrian law, my Austrian employers say Croatian workers are subject to different rules. Are they right?

    NO — not at all. You are subject to temporary restrictions on access to the Austrian job market, but this does not affect any of your rights as an EU citizen, including the right to be treated exactly the same as local workers.

    If your employers persist with this attitude, you should report them to the Austrian labour authorities.

  • I am Croatian and I want to transfer my Croatian unemployment benefits to Austria in order to apply for a job there. Is this possible?

    Until 30 June 2020, your ability to work in Austria might be restricted. This can also have consequences for whether you can transfer your unemployment benefits there. Such restrictions can change at any time so you should contact an Austrian European employment adviser to get up-to-date information.

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