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Expired or lost passports – Slovakia

You must have a valid travel documentsk to enter and leave Slovakia. Slovakia explicitly does not accept expired passports. However, it will probably accept alternative proof of identity and citizenship from EU nationals and their family members who cannot present a valid travel document or could not have applied for a temporary travel documentsk in advance.

If you have an expired Slovak passport which contains a valid visa or similar authorisation to remain in another country, you may keep this passport until the visa expires.

Slovak citizens who lose their passport or have their passport stolen abroad must report this loss or theft to a Slovak consulate. Upon their return to Slovakia they must also report this to the relevant department which issued the passport. If Slovak citizens submit a document concerning the loss or theft of their passport in a language other than Slovak or Czech when filing their report, they must also hand over a certified translation into Slovak (more information about consulatessk). Slovak citizens without an alternative valid travel document must apply for a replacement travel document from a Slovak consulate in order to return to Slovakia. If there is no Slovak consulate in the country they are in, they must apply for an EU replacement travel document from any consulate of an EU country. Failure to immediately report the loss, theft, damage to or misuse of a passport is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to EUR 331.

A passport is recorded as stolen if the holder has been stripped of his/her Slovak citizenship and has failed to hand in his/her passport.

If a valid passport is lost, stolen or damaged, a higher administrative fee is payable when submitting an application for a new passport.

The higher administrative fee for a stolen passport is not payable if another person has taken the passport by force and if this circumstance has been reported to the competent police department.

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