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Home country elections – Italy

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Italian citizens abroad can vote and stand in elections in their home country.

Italian citizens abroad can vote in:

To vote in Italian elections, Italian citizens resident abroad must be entered in the Register of Italians Resident Abroad (AIRE). The relevant consular office sends Italian citizens resident abroad the electoral package containing the ballot papers and instructions on how to vote. Having voted on the ballot papers, the voter returns them to the consular office using the pre-stamped envelope contained in the package.

The postal vote is the standard way of voting. Alternatively, if they comply with the deadline laid down by law, Italian citizens resident abroad can choose to vote in Italy, at the polling stations of the municipality on whose electoral roll they are registered, for candidates who are standing for election in Italy's districts and regions.

Citizens who choose this option must notify the consulate of residence in writing by 31 December of the year preceding that of the end of the parliamentary term or, in the case of early dissolution of Parliament or a public referendum, by the tenth day after the election or referendum is called.

Italian citizens abroad can stand in elections for senators and representatives to be elected abroad.

Also citizens temporarily abroad for at least three months for work, study or medical care may ask their municipality to be allowed to vote from abroad by means of a postal vote.

Italian voters resident in States with which the Italian government has not been able to conclude agreements to ensure that the right to vote is exercised under conditions of equality, freedom and secrecy, or voters resident in States in which the political or social situation does not guarantee, even temporarily, that the right to vote would be exercised under such conditions, may not vote by post.

Where such situations do not allow postal voting, organisational measures are put in place to give Italian citizens resident in these States the possibility of voting in Italy. A card stating the date and times for voting in Italy is sent to these voters by the municipalities on whose electoral roll they are registered.

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European Parliament elections

If you are an EU national living in another EU country and want to participate in European Parliament elections, you are entitled to vote or stand as a candidate in your host country.

Alternatively, in most cases you can also choose to vote for candidates or stand as a candidate yourself in your home country: in these cases, the national legislation applies (see above). You may not do both in the same European Parliament elections.


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