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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Supplementary pensions abroad

  • What will happen to my supplementary pension scheme in the UK if I move to France when I retire?

    If you move to France or any other EU country, your insurer must pay your supplementary pension scheme the same amount and under the same conditions as if you were living in the UK.

    In turn, French law may not discriminate against your occupational schemes from the UK, e.g. by giving French schemes preferential tax treatment.

  • I moved from Germany to Greece when I retired, but Germany is now demanding I pay back all the tax rebates I obtained for saving in my German supplementary pension scheme. Can they do this?

    NO — Germany should not claim back your tax rebates simply because you retired and moved to Greece. It is against EU law for an EU country to have rules that deter you from moving around in the EU. If Germany does so, that will in effect obstruct you from exercising your right to retire to another country.

    In case of problems with national authorities, you can get help here.

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