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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Death grants

  • My health insurance guarantees a generous death grant to my family when I pass away. Will my family still be entitled to this grant if I die abroad?

    YES — Your family is entitled to this grant, even if you die in another EU country. Your family should apply for a death grant from the health insurance institution where you are registered in your country of residence. They will forward your request to the right authority.

  • I live in Italy and receive pensions from Italy and Denmark. Danish death grants are quite generous. Will my husband be entitled to it when I pass away?

    NO — You live in Italy and receive an Italian pension. As a result, your husband is only entitled to an Italian death grant, whether you are also receiving pensions from other countries or not. Unfortunately, death grants do not exist in Italy. As a result, your husband will not be entitled to any death grant when you pass away.

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