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Updated : 25/04/2017

FAQs - Practical preparations for volunteers

  • Do I need any specific skills to be a volunteer with the European Voluntary Service?

    NO - The programme is open to everyone. You'll also receive specific training before you go.

  • I want to volunteer abroad. Where can I find information and support?

    Contact your national agency or your regional SALTO resource centre, for Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, South East Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

    You can also check the website of the European Voluntary Service and the guide to the European Voluntary Service.

  • I want to volunteer in Spain with the European Voluntary Service, do I need to speak Spanish?

    NO - Unless a basic knowledge is specifically required for the tasks that need to be done. Linguistic support will be available to you during your project, so you'll certainly learn some Spanish while you're there.

  • Do I need insurance?

    YES - But as a participant in the European Voluntary Service, you are entitled to specific free insurance. Ask your sending organisation for details.

  • What if I don't enjoy my project with the European Voluntary Service - can I quit?

    If your situation is very difficult and your problems can't be solved, there are ways of terminating your volunteering agreement - as a last resort.

  • Will I need to pay anything to participate in a European Voluntary Service project?

    NO - You will not need to pay anything to participate in the European Voluntary Service.

  • Can EU countries restrict access to their national volunteering scheme to nationals?

    YES - National volunteering schemes are not necessarily open to non citizens. Contact the organising authority to find out.

  • I want to go somewhere in Asia. Do I need a visa?

    POSSIBLY - Participating in a volunteering project does not exempt you from following national visa regulations. Make sure you do your research!

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