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Anniversary logo

This is the logo for the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. The logo will be used by all EU institutions for the anniversary celebrations, events and publications. Member States, regional and local authorities, as well as NGOs, businesses and citizens are invited to use the logo for any event they may organise in connection with the anniversary.

The logo is available in 23 EU languages and in its original version.

What the logo symbolises

The logo of the EU 50th anniversary gives a graphic interpretation to the voice of all Europeans, especially the new generations. These Europeans look for peace, stability and prosperity without taking anything away from their rights of individuality and diversity.

The word " together" expresses in a simple and immediate way what was originally bound by the idea of Europe : not only politics, or money, or geographic boundaries, but most of all co-operation and solidarity.

The different letters, using different typefaces, express the diversity in European history and culture and are kept “together” by the meaning of the word itself.

Use of the logo

The European Community has acquired from the author of the logo the right to display and reproduce the logo without restriction on the media used, or the number of copies produced, in all present and future official European Union languages and without any territorial limitation.

Third parties, other than the EU institutions, which wish to make use of the logo in the form and languages authorized by the Community, may do so free of charge, as long as they fulfill certain conditions.

Download the rules for use of the logo by third parties

Download the logo and the graphical manual

The original logo has been adapted in 23 EU languages. The graphical manual provides all technical specifications and instructions on how to use the logo.

Download the graphical manual

Download the logo in several image formats

How the logo was chosen

The logo for the 50th anniversary was selected as a result of a competition that involved 1701 designers and design students from all EU Member States.

Find out more about the logo competition, the finalists, the three winners and the award ceremony

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