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What we have achieved

50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

In everyday life

50 years of European cooperation have brought many concrete benefits to Europeans: easier travel across most of the EU without carrying a passport and easier cross border financial transactions in a single currency the euro. Millions of young Europeans had the chance to study and live in another country through EU student exchange programmes.

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Regional policy projects: Improving canal systems in the Netherlands

In your region

Since its very beginning the EU has focused on regional policy and on stimulating the economy of disadvantaged regions. Throughout the last 50 years thousands of economic and social development projects have been financed by the EU to narrow the gap between its richer and poorer regions.

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Taking a blood sample

In improving your rights

The EU has set up on-line problem solving services in order to offer quick solutions for cross-border arising problems between businesses, citizens and national public authorities.

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Renewables sources of energy

In policy making

During the last 50 years the EU have undertook a wide range of legislation initiatives on improving social, fiscal, environmental and regional policies.

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