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"Nous nous sommes tant haïs !"

"Nous nous sommes tant haïs !"


Post‑war Franco‑German reconciliation - historical drama to be shown by French‑language TV channels in Belgium and France.

This production by Dominique Antoine (meaning "How we hated each other"), part‑financed by the European Broadcasting Union and supported from the outset by the EU's representative office in France, has great relevance in the run‑up to a major European anniversary. Set to be broadcast in the coming weeks, the drama was part‑funded by the representation as part of the celebrations around the EU's 50th birthday.

The EU provided the archive images for the film and also had them coloured, lending historical credibility to this fictional work reliving the earliest days of European unity.

The action unfolds between 9 May 1950, the day of Robert Schuman's declaration, and 10 August 1952, when Jean Monnet was appointed president of the European coal and steel community's governing body, the forerunner of today's EU. It was also the wedding day of Marie and Jürgen, a young Franco-German couple.

The film adroitly mixes fact (Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, etc.) and fiction (Marie, Jürgen, their families and friends). The constant interplay between these two aspects mirrors the difficulties at that time of overcoming the obstacles to reconciliation between the two European nations.

Dealing with the birth of modern Europe, the film shows us the extent of the struggle by men and women on either side of the Rhine that led to the peace and freedom we enjoy today.

Modern Europe was born 50 years ago. "How we hated each other!" is an appointment with this watershed moment in European history.

Video - "Nous nous sommes tant haïs !" (3'47")

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