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Getting on the European train

Getting on the European train
Group shot of the In-Transit actors


EU-funded short film looks at the future of Europe through the eyes of a group of young Europeans on a train trip across Europe.

With a 15-minute film and an interactive website, the In-Transit project puts the spotlight on the lives of young Europeans. Is the EU on the right track, and in which direction is it heading?

“Young people […] have to stand up and choose the direction,” said Cristina Basto, who helped coordinate the project. The film’s characters are perfect caricatures of European stereotypes: a Briton dismissing Eastern Europe as “the third world”, an arrogant Frenchwoman, a sleazy Italian man flirting with a fashion-oriented Swedish girl, a boorish German.

First shown in March on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the EU to a packed auditorium in Brussels, the short film is backed by an interactive website. Take a seat in a virtual carriage of the In-Transit virtual train and interact with the other passengers. By clicking on other people’s seats you can look at their profiles and join the online discussion.

Supported by youth associations including AEGEE and AIESEC, two of the world’s biggest student bodies, and by a number of European parliament and commission personalities, the project aims to provide a platform for young people to exchange ideas on the current state of Europe and to make their voices heard.

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