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Look back with pride, look forward with confidence


As Europe celebrates its 50th anniversary, Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquín Almunia reflects on past achievements and future prospects. ››  More

The creative chaos called Europe


German filmmaker Wim Wenders answers our questions and shares his vision of Europe. ››  More

Strong voice for Spain in European literature


Described as one of the most important Spanish poets of our time, Antonio Gamoneda is awarded Cervantes Prize for literature. ››  More

EU past and future - old hands give their verdict


We asked two former European commissioners, Etienne Davignon and Frans Andriessen, for their thoughts on the history of the EU and their hopes for the future. Here's what they said... ››  More

EU past and future - old hands give their verdict


We asked two former European commissioners, Raymond Barre and Mario Monti, for their thoughts on the history of the EU and their hopes for the future. Here's what they said … ››  More

David Reinert: the Italian voice in the European construction


The “ace of interpreters” was how Walter Hallstein introduced David Reinert to Teddy Kennedy, some few years after the signature of the Treaty of Rome. David had joined the Commission soon after being the interpreter in the Italian booth at the signature. Having worked already for Konrad Adenauer before Rome, he received a phone call two days before the signature to know could he help. He went to Rome willingly, knowing it was to be an occasion, but not realising his future was being unveiled before him. ››  More

Unseen birth pains of the EU


Offstage too, the signing of the EU's founding treaty on 25 March 1957 was dogged by a series of mishaps. Diverted trains, overzealous cleaners and student strikes were just some of the things that could have derailed history. Albert Breuer, one of the staff responsible for organising the ceremony in Rome, shares his memories of those historic days ››  More


From common market to people’s Europe


Entering into force on 1 January 1958, the Treaty of Rome laid the foundations of the modern EU. Primarily an economic organisation at its inception, the EU has evolved into a project to guarantee high levels of social protection for its citizens. ››  More

United by diversity in 2008


Celebrities launch European year of intercultural dialogue. ››  More

Lisbon treaty takes Europe into 21st century


New legal framework equips EU to address future challenges and gives people a greater say. ››  More

The brain train


Qualifications equivalence grid should make it easier for Europeans to work or study elsewhere in the EU. ››  More

Modernising Europe's integrated market


New course for the European single market, as EU puts consumers and small businesses first. ››  More

Lend us your ears


Communication is a two-way business. Stopping the blame game between the EU’s institutions and its member countries is an essential first step towards working better together. ››  More

European art knows no boundaries


A four-month festival of art, music, theatre and dance performances draws together top art works from all over the EU in a blockbuster cultural event. ››  More

Development and climate change: two sides, one coin


This year's European development conference will focus on climate change. ››  More

Student exchange powers lifelong learning in Europe


Erasmus aims high - student exchange programme to enable 3 million exchanges by 2012. ››  More

A 21st century treaty


The reform treaty text was approved by all 27 EU leaders between 18-19 October. ››  More

Open days for regional development


Europe happens in its regions and its cities. This year's open days (8-11 October) showcase regional collaboration at its best. ››  More

Leonardo da Vinci – a European genius


Biggest ever Da Vinci exhibition opens in Brussels. ››  More

Europe wide job fair opens it doors


European recruitment event brings together job seekers and employers from across the continent. ››  More

European mobility week gets rolling


Making urban travel greener and safer - Europe’s cities unveil their latest initiatives at the EU’s annual sustainable travel event. ››  More

Euromyths – time to set the record straight


The truth behind that tabloid standard – ‘the latest crazy idea from Brussels'. ››  More

Great ambitions for humanitarian aid


EU seeks to boost response to humanitarian crises through clear principles and values. ››  More

Always someone to turn to


Europeans traveling around the globe are entitled to diplomatic and consular protection from 27 EU countries. ››  More

Jump in, it's clean!


Holidaymakers can take to the water with confidence as many bathing areas in Europe now meet the quality requirements. ››  More

Travel made easy


Slashed roaming costs, one currency, safer airlines - the EU is working hard to make travel easier. ››  More

EU reform treaty – getting down to business


Negotiations under way to draw up new reform treaty for Europe. ››  More

Schools fete EU in its 50th year


“Spring day for Europe” brings together pupils from thousands of European schools to learn about the EU and set out their wish list for the future. ››  More

Young journalists meet to shape future of European media


Over 270 journalists from across Europe gather in Brussels for the European youth media days. ››  More

Graffiti artists in Turin makeover to mark 50 years of Europe


Street artists celebrate the EU’s 50th birthday by decorating blighted urban walls with sentences inspired by EU values. ››  More

Upload your Europe


Young people can now upload their vision of Europe to a brand new website. ››  More

Portuguese presidency wants new EU treaty by October


Portugal begins six months at the EU helm on 1 July, steering for agreement on a new reform treaty for Europe. ››  More

Vibes of the European idea


Europeanvibes art competition calls for young people to express their perceptions of Europe. ››  More

Getting on the European train


EU-funded short film looks at the future of Europe through the eyes of a group of young Europeans on a train trip across Europe. ››  More

EU leaders break treaty deadlock


Tough negotiations win reform treaty deal to move EU beyond the constitution impasse. ››  More

Erasmus van – Brussels to celebrate Europe's most popular exchange programme


The arrival of the Erasmus van in Brussels at the end of its European tour will open the Erasmus day celebrations. ››  More

On the frontline of democracy – EU honours world journalists


Tale of Chinese villagers' protest by Hong Kong journalist Leu Siew Ying wins EU human rights prize. ››  More

Europe's young have their say


Europe calls its young people to dialogue and activism in week-long working session with EU policy makers. ››  More

Green week – environment action past and future


Stock-take of environmental achievements and challenges in the EU's anniversary year. ››  More

It’s competition time!


In a bid to get our children's perspectives on the big issues, the EU is running contests with a chance to win great prizes. ››  More

European culture in the face of globalisation


EU unveils first culture strategy, combining growth, intercultural understanding and external relations. ››  More

Generation Next asked to speak up on Europe


Latest European youth week urges young people to lay down their wishlist for tomorrow's EU. ››  More

Erasmus van: destination Europe


A van of young volunteers is criss-crossing Europe to promote the EU's popular study exchange scheme, now in its 20th year. ››  More

Young ones talk Europe


With the huge success of two of the main events of the year dedicated to young people, schools are celebrating Europe more than ever this spring. ››  More

Europe day hits the heights


From breathtaking mountains to talented film makers – cultural diversity celebrated in European heritage, artists and achievements. ››  More

Trains, planes and automobiles help mark Europe day


People truly got on their bike to mark this year's celebration of Europe's coming together. ››  More

Eurovision to plug fair treatment message


This Saturday, people all over Europe will be tuning into Eurovision 2007 – but whoever you are rooting for, this year will be slightly different. Along with the whacky costumes and catchy tunes will be a more serious message – equal opportunities for all. ››  More

A taste of Europe around the world


Through food, festivals, theatre performances, art exhibitions and TV programmes, the entire world is taking part in Europe Day celebrations during this special year marking the EU’s 50th birthday. ››  More

Europe day - double party as EU turns 50


9 May celebration commemorates the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950, the first step towards 50 years of European cooperation. ››  More

EU executive to open its doors on 5 May


Annual open day invites you to discover the unexpected at Commission HQ. ››  More

Europe in your pocket


New internet-based news programme for young people presents European and other issues. ››  More

May celebration fever!


This year, Europe Day on 9 May will spill over into a whole month of 50th anniversary celebrations. ››  More

Visions of Europe


Year-long string of exhibitions and events focussing on the new Europeans and other aspects of the EU's 50-year history provides a platform for imaginative, enthusiastic and controversial visions of Europe. ››  More

EU50: What's in it for the young ones?


In this year of celebrating Europe, many events have had young people exploring, discussing and thinking about what it means to them to be European, and encouraging them to let the world know through contests, debates and games. ››  More

Something for everyone at the EU's jubilee


The EU’s birthday has given Europeans an opportunity to exercise their creativity and imagination. Festivities staged throughout the EU featured tree planting, art competitions and roller skating tours, and that's just scratching the surface. ››  More

Talking Europe, past and future


The EU has been keen to involve the public in its 50th birthday celebrations. And in events all over Europe, people are grasping this opportunity to have their say on the European project. ››  More

Europe parties at 50


More than 400 events across the continent see Europeans find many ways to mark 50 years of the EU, culminating in major celebrations on 25 March. ››  More

50 on 25 March - a party weekend


Concerts, festivals, debates, exhibitions, sports events and much more brought people from all over Europe together on 24 and 25 March to celebrate the EU's 50th birthday. ››  More

Berlin declaration signed to mark EU's 50th birthday


"The union is turning shared ideals into reality for its citizens", claims the Berlin declaration, signed by leaders gathered in Berlin for the 50th anniversary of the treaty of Rome. It is a vision for the EU, reasserting shared values and outlining ambitions for the future. ››  More

This is the Europe we want!


“Listen to what we have to say, ask us what we need and then act!” was the verdict of Europe's young people after the first ever EU Youth Summit. ››  More

50 years, 50 milestones


As the EU lights the candles for its fiftieth birthday, it is good to remember the benefits of being European. Some of these are lined up for you on a new website bringing together 50 of Europe's greatest successes. ››  More

EU Youth Summit live


Under the motto "Your Europe – your future", March 23-25 will see more than 200 young Europeans coming together in Rome to debate the future direction of the EU and send a message to its leaders. ››  More

Setting Europe to Music


There will be something for everybody during the weekend of the EU's 50th birthday celebrations, as Europeans get together to the rhythms of jazz, pop, rock and classical music in concerts across the continent. ››  More

European XI line up revealed


The squad of European stars who will play Manchester United in a charity football match tomorrow has been unveiled. Lovers of the beautiful game will be pleased to learn that the match will be broadcast live across the continent and beyond. ››  More

EU at 50 returns to its birthplace


Rome events to combine astronauts, art and debates on tomorrow's Europe. ››  More

EU turns 50 – Berlin gears up to celebrate


If you want to be part of a huge party celebrating the EU's 50th birthday, Berlin is the place to be. On 25 March, the EU will join forces with the German government to host a series of major events in the German capital, bringing people together to celebrate half a century of European integration. ››  More

Football and charity united


Manchester United will meet the elite of  European football in a historic match to mark the EU's 50th anniversary, with all proceeds going to charity. ››  More

50 years of the EU – the world celebrates


With the EU soon to mark its 50th anniversary with Europe-wide celebrations, the occasion will also see events taking place around the world, including the United States, where a special ‘European Week’ will fete half a century of EU-US cooperation. ››  More

Europeans take the stage - A month of celebration


Festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, football matches, TV and radio shows – March will see the climax of celebrations for the anniversary of the treaty founding the EU, signed on 25 March 50 years ago. ››  More

"Nous nous sommes tant haïs !"


Post‑war Franco‑German reconciliation - historical drama to be shown by French‑language TV channels in Belgium and France. ››  More

50 years of Europe united and United in Europe


On 13 March 2007, the EU will be celebrating its 50th birthday at a charity football match organised by Manchester United to mark 50 years of playing in European club competitions. But it is not by chance that this historic event will be marked by Europe's number one sport - European political unity and European football have more than just a quirk of the calendar in common. ››  More

Back to school for the EU


As part of a special "EU project day", officials from the EU have gone back to their old schools across Germany to help bring European ideals a little closer to pupils there. The event highlighted the need for EU affairs to feature more prominently in German school curricula. ››  More

How Erasmus changed my life – students speak up


The EU's Erasmus programme turns 20 this year. Launched in 1987, the higher education scheme has given almost 1.5m students a taste of what it’s like to live and study in other European countries. To mark the beginning of the celebrations, a conference has been organised in Brussels by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ››  More

Plans well underway for Youth Summit to shape tomorrow’s Europe


The countdown has begun to the first first ever youth summit in Rome on 24-25 March. Sixty young delegates from all over the EU came together last weekend in Brussels to address the key factors shaping the future of the EU. They produced a discussion document which is to form the basis of national debates to be held over the upcoming weeks throughout the EU. ››  More

Rome Youth Summit: kick-off in Brussels with a preparatory meeting

18/01/07 > 20/01/07

The first ever EU youth summit is being held in Rome on 24-25 March. In preparation for this, a meeting will take place in Brussels on 18-20 January to launch debate and kick off consultation. National representatives will attend this preparatory meeting and draw up a document for discussion. ››  More


Easier access to medical care abroad


When you travel abroad in Europe, there are various EU measures to help you get medical treatment and meet healthcare costs, both for planned and unplanned treatment. ››  More

50 years of research


The EU has promoted research and technology since its first research institute – the joint research centre – was set up in 1958. ››  More

EU spending – time to have your say


Part of the drive to involve us more in the running of EU affairs, the EU will today ask Europeans how it should spend their money. ››  More

Keeping European food safe


The European food safety authority (EFSA), an EU agency set up to ensure that the food we eat is safe, celebrates 5 years in action. ››  More

Developing together in a changing world


Europe takes stock of its internal development policy and looks to future challenges. ››  More

EU red-tape-busting service Solvit turns five


Special EU service celebrates five years of helping Europeans live and work across the EU ››  More

50 years of fighting unemployment and discrimination


The European social fund has been improving job opportunities for 50 years. ››  More

Altiero Spinelli – a life dedicated to the European dream


The 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome falls a century after the birth of Altiero Spinelli, a founding father of the European Union and an advocate of European Federalism. ››  More

50 years of the EU - a look back


Europe Day is just behind us, this year marked by the joint celebrations for the 50 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome and the birth of the EU. The perfect time to look back and rediscover people and moments that have defined these 50 years. ››  More

Breaking the glass ceiling


International Women's Day on 8 March will see a string of events highlighting the persisting discrimination against women at work. ››  More

Europeans on the move


With more and more people moving freely between EU countries, the opportunity to live and work abroad has become a reality for many Europeans. Since the agreement first abolishing internal borders in 1985, the European Commission has been working to help people do so more easily. ››  More

Informing consumers – the EU lends a hand


Faced with increased consumer choice in the marketplace, Europeans need to be ever more discerning. To help them, the EU provides different kinds of information about their rights, enabling them to make more informed choices. ››  More

Maastricht 15 years on


On February 7, 1992, the leaders of the then twelve members of the EU agreed on an ambitious document that heralded a number of major achievements, above all the creation of a single currency, the euro. ››  More

German EU presidency - new impetus for constitutional process


The European constitution will be high on the agenda of the incoming German EU presidency. Other priorities include growth and jobs, improving freedom, security, justice and stability for all Europeans, and tackling climate change. ››  More

MEDIA 2007 – new push for the European film industry


The EU will dedicate €755m to supporting Europe's film industry over the next seven years under its new MEDIA 2007 programme. Around 65% of the total budget will be spent on promoting European films throughout Europe and beyond. ››  More

Kyoto protocol - EU moves to fight climate change


The second anniversary of the entry into force of the Kyoto protocol will be celebrated this week. The agreement aims to gradually reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions which are blamed for global warming and climate change. ››  More

Internet safety – raising awareness, reducing the risks


Protecting children from the dangers of surfing the web and mobile-phone bullying – Safer Internet Day 2007 on 6 February targets 100 organisations in over 40 countries. ››  More

Dial 112 for emergencies - anywhere in Europe


With more of us travelling around Europe every year, it's reassuring to know that one phone number covers all emergencies in every country. Every second counts in an emergency – whether it's a stroke, car crash or knife attack – the sooner help arrives, the better. ››  More

Sustainable development: working towards a better tomorrow


Eco-building, energy saving, clean urban transport and renewable energies will take centre stage during the EU’s first ever Sustainable Energy Week, from 29 January to 2 February, with events in Belgium, France and Spain. ››  More

The 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All


Equality is one of the core values of the European Union. The EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights recognises the right of all citizens to freedom from discrimination. 2007 will be the “European Year of Equal Opportunities for All”, to give fresh impetus to the fight for real equality. ››  More

New EU agency to promote human rights


A new European agency dealing with human rights is due to start operating in early 2007. The role of the Agency for Fundamental Rights will be to offer advice on human rights to EU institutions and countries when they are making new laws. ››  More

Top ten EU achievements in 2006


Ten examples have been selected from 2006 of how the EU is working to improve your economic and social well-being – these include sending out peacekeepers, developing a satellite navigation system, making chemicals safer and reducing roaming charges for mobile phones. ››  More

Euro zone gains another member as Slovenia adopts the euro


January 1st saw the euro zone welcome a new member as Slovenia gave up its national currency, the tolar, to adopt the euro. Slovenia is the first of the ten countries that joined the EU in 2004 to meet the economic requirements for entering the euro club. ››  More

A Union of 27 members as Bulgaria and Romania finally join the EU


The European Union welcomes the successful accession of its new members Bulgaria and Romania, who became official members of the EU on 1 January 2007. The accession of these two countries marks another step forward in the Enlargement process, begun in the 1990s when 12 countries mostly from Central and Eastern Europe, submitted their applications for EU membership. ››  More

Views and visions

Speak to the people!


Margot Wallström, EU Commission, Vice-President responsible for Institutional Relations and Communications Strategy - Restoring Europe to the citizen requires new strategies for increasing participation, improving democratic scrutiny and harnessing the new technologies which are transforming communications and identity. ››  More

Imagining Europe


Bernard-Henri Lévy, Philosopher - Being European is not about steamrollering national differences into an artificial unity, nor about replicating national ties. It is a mindset which transcends frontiers by celebrating law, tolerance, secularism and humanity. ››  More

EU in the world in 2057


Javier Solana, EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy - Environmental pressures, demographic trends, movements of peoples and the continuing drift of power away from governments demands a pro-active Europe – with a rules-based international system as a key objective. ››  More

Europe needs a new story


Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Politics, University of Oxford - If the European Union is to consolidate and extend its remarkable achievements, it must be prepared to change – and offer its citizens an inspiring vision of where they are heading. ››  More

It’s time to act as one


Emma Bonino, Minister for International Trade and European Affairs of Italy - To be an effective global player, Europe needs to gain political depth at home and sharpen its foreign policy capabilities. ››  More

Europe: a cultural commonwealth?


Gottfried Wagner, Director, European Cultural Foundation - The way to avoid a ‘clash of civilisations’ is to bring civil society into the development of cultural policy. The benefits would be felt in improved intercultural dialogue – and a celebration of the riches on our own doorstep. ››  More

Only connect


Hans-Gert Pöttering MEP, President of the European Parliament - Only through contacts, dialogue and the exchange of ideas – between the EU’s citizens, its institutions and its external partners – will the historic project of European Union be secured. ››  More


20th Anniversary of ERASMUS

01/01/07 > 31/10/07

Different celebrations will take part in the 20th Anniversary of ERASMUS, involving former and current students and decision-makers in the area of education. ›› More

Happy birthday Erasmus!


This event will be a great gathering of current and former Erasmus students and members of the Erasmus Student Network. Thoughts will be shared between them and representatives from the European Institutions. The role of Erasmus Students in the European Society will be discussed and seminars will be mixed with celebrations. ›› More

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