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EU50: What's in it for the young ones?

EU50: What's in it for the young ones?
Young people celebrating Europe


In this year of celebrating Europe, many events have had young people exploring, discussing and thinking about what it means to them to be European, and encouraging them to let the world know through contests, debates and games.

Throughout the month of March, children, teenagers and students of all ages from across Europe debated, competed and played for Europe. Born in the IT era, the younger generation excels at multimedia expression and the masters of celebrations have capitalised on this.

All over the EU, young talents grabbed their cameras to produce 50-second video clips on their favourite European theme for the digital multimedia platform Europocket TV. Estonians competed in a pocket film competition with mini films shot with cameras and mobile phones. Teams of French students went "on the track of the Treaty of Rome", with three minutes of video time to investigate European initiatives, personalities and achievements.

Mixing virtual and physical spaces, the Spanish project “Time for youth in Europe” is offering youngsters the chance to express their vision of Europe in workshops, theatre activities, radio programmes, meetings and debates until the end of 2007.

400 young people from 14 EU countries met in Turin and Rome to celebrate together for the Phoenix exchange project. Participants in took part in debates, workshops and discussion with EU experts including MEPs. In the Netherlands, young citizens became members of parliament for a day and debated the future of Europe with Dutch MPs. Young patients of “La Timone” hospital in Marseille celebrated the 50th anniversary with quiz games and the hospital’s restaurant offered meals from different parts of Europe. Children in Rome flocked to the Children's museum for a special celebration day.

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