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The EU and equality?

Dates: 09/03/07
Place: The Democracy Workshop, Västerlånggatan 1 Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Participants: Member of the European Parliament, Inger Segelström (s), and Members of the Swedish Parliament, Barbro Westerholm (fp) and Josefin Brink (v). Eva Fager, chair of the Swedish women's lobby. The journalist, Annika Ström Melin, will be leading the debate.
Organizer: EP IO Sweden and the Swedish Riksdag.
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The EU and equality?

What has EU membership meant for equality in Sweden and in the other EU countries? How can the EU have an impact on gender equality in Turkey and other candidate countries? These are some of the questions that are being debated at the citizens’ forum ‘The EU and equality?’ on Thursday 8 March.

The event is the first of nine lunchtime debates being organised by the European Parliament's Information Office in Sweden and the Swedish Riksdag. EU-related topics affecting our everyday life provide the themes for this series of debates entitled "The EU: 50 years of cooperation".

All events are taking place at the Demokrativerkstaden (Democracy Workshop), Stockholm, from 11.30 to 13.00.

Registration for the 8 March debate must be made by 7 March at the latest. A sandwich will be provided for participants who register on time.

To register, please write to:

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