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From Rome to Nice: the course of human rights in EU history

Cultural event
Dates: 20/04/07
Place: University of Catania
Country: Italy
Participants: Médecins sans Frontières, Amnesty International, Emergency Research centres: Braudel Centre, European Centre Jean Monnet “EuroMed”, Laposs, Osservatorio Ambiente e Legalità, European federalis Movement (local section), Conference of Italian Rectors.
Organizer: Department of Political Sciences and International Relations Office of the Department of Political Science, University of Catania.
More Info:
From Rome to Nice: the course of human rights in EU history

This will be a mixture of institutional events: a debate carried out by professors, journalists and institutional representatives along with other activities including photo exhibitions, food and music events. It focuses on the links between human rights and migration flows and their impact on the European Union.

The 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome celebrates the start of a process of developing an economic and political union, which has ineluctably transformed the continent into a place of peace, democracy, stability and prosperity.

The Berlin Declaration, signed on March 25th this year,stating that “the individual is paramount”, has made its mark on the EU at a time when the focus is shifting to the respect of human rights as a universal principle that cannot be bound by rules on citizenship.

To celebrate this occasion, the Department of Political Science of the University of Catania is organising an event entitled “From Rome to Nice: the course of human rights in EU history”. The metaphor of the road highlights an EU model based on two main trajectories. One is reserved for EU citizens and provides safeguards designed to protect the individual. The other is the creation of a legal framework for those from non-EU member countries.

As the Department is located in an area populated by a relatively high number of immigrants, the event adopts an open-door policy towards its citizens. It will take place in the Covered Court of the Department, via Dusmet 163.

Starting at 17.00, the event will be centred around an institutional debate, animated by a representative of the European Parliament in Rome as well as university professors and journalists. This will be followed by informal activities, such as a photo exhibition set up by Médecins sans Frontières; campaign desks will be set up for Amnesty International, a concert will be held and an assortment of dishes with an ethnic flavour will be made available.

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