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European Pride

European Estates General

Dates: 17/03/07
Place: Grand Palais - 1,bd des Cités Unies - 59777 Lille-Euralille, Lille
Country: France
Participants: Martine Aubry, Elie Barnavi, Sarah Biasini, Jacques Barrot, Pervenche Beres, Bernard Bhrune, Jean-Michel Blier, Bruno Bonduelle, Cabu, Michel Delebarre, Jacques Delors, Bertrand Dufourcq, Cynthia Fleury, Jean-Baptiste de Foucauld, Sylvie Goulard, Marcel Grignard, Bruno Julliard, Guillaume Klossa, Zaki Laidi, Eneko Landaburu, Philippe Manière, Frédéric Martel, Jean-Philippe Moinet, Mario Monti, Tomaso Padoa-Schioppa, Michèle Pappalardo, Alain Piriou, Gaëtane Ricard-Nihoul, Philippe Val.
Organizer: Notre Europe, Europanova and Mouvement européen
More Info:
European Pride

Can we be proud to be European? Famous actors along with well-known politicians, business figures and trade unionists will be debating this issue with the general public and formulating concrete proposals for the future of Europe.

50 years on from the signing of the Treaty of Rome, much still remains to be done. In order to move ahead and pursue actions to improve our world, we need to take stock of our achievements to date.

Let’s lay down the foundations for the Europe we want to create over the next 50 years. Which actions and accomplishments do we want to bring about?

The initiative is being organised to mark the inaugural European Estates General: a project involving the Notre Europe, Europanova and Mouvement européen associations in France.

Programme for the event:

Free entry, subject to reservation.




Welcome speech by M. Aubry and S. Biasini


Opening ceremony: “European solidarity and pride”

11:00–12:30 Part one

1. Equal rights: Europe’s accelerator?  

2. Reinventing European democracy?

3. Cohesion policy: a pillar of solidarity?

4. Freedom to do business, the obligation to innovate?

5. Environment and climate change: Europe at the forefront?

14:00-15:30 Part two

6. Social dialogue: a force for greater solidarity?

7. The market and free movement: self-evident?

8. A union of states and peoples: towards a new federalism?

9. Cultural diversity: enriching the Union?

10. Co-development, or European solidarity with the rest of the world?

15:30-17:00 Part three

11. Solidarity through the euro: a reality?

12. European agriculture: what future?

13. Mobility for young persons: building the Europe of tomorrow.

14. Press freedom: a lasting battle?

15. Fighting exclusion: a European objective?

16. Europe: a voice in the world of tomorrow?


Conclusions by representatives from civil society and “What now?” plenary.

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