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PLANKTON*NET celebrates 50 years of the Treaty of Rome

Dates: 25/03/07 > 31/03/08
Place: Helgoland/Bremerhaven
Country: Germany
Organizer: Consortium of the EU funded project PLANKTON*NET (6 Framework Programme)
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PLANKTON*NET celebrates 50 years of the Treaty of Rome

For this event, PLANKTON*NET members and contributors have established a special online collection of information on 50 plankton species. Each species was described in one of the past 50 years. Where possible, species described by European scientists were chosen to highlight the range of scientific and specifically taxonomic expertise in Europe.

The PLANKTON*NET project is a collaborative, multidisciplinary project, in which taxonomists, ecologists and IT experts are working together to establish an innovative, online, communal biodiversity resource for all types of plankton. PLANKTON*NET is a resource in which partners of the EU project as well as external collaborators can archive image material and other information needed to identify individual species.

PLANKTON*NET is designed so that scientists as well as non-experts can make use of searching and browsing the thousands of records in PLANKTON*NET. This special collection of images has been selected from the different PLANKTON*NET data providers at the AWI, Station Biologique de Roscoff and the University of Lisbon.

The collection images highlight the amazing diversity and range of shapes and sizes of plankton. Many of the species in the collection have also been described by eminent European scientists and their colleagues.

The collection is hosted on the official project website of the EU project PLANKTON*NET ( with a list of all species in the collection as well as short texts, images and links to the image source for the individual species. The collection will also be made available by the individual PLANKTON*NET sites (nodes).

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