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Celebrating by learning

Dates: 30/04/07
Country: Mediterranean and Gulf Countries - Israel
Celebrating by learning

A recent poll found that 75% of Israelis would like to join the European Union.

Those interested in how the Union developed out of the European Economic Community will be able find out on April 30 – May 1 at a conference called 'Reflecting on 50 Years of European Integration'.

The conference will bring together scholars and practitioners from Israel and the EU to examine how political needs have influenced events over the past 50 years and how the tools for Europe's economic integration have evolved. European integration will be considered from the perspective of identity, citizenship, culture and language. Policies in fields like energy, environment and research and development demonstrate why integration is still relevant, and a separate session will be devoted to the evolution of the EU as a global and regional player. The conference will also examine connections between European integration and Jewish communities in Europe.


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