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Europeans take the stage - A month of celebration

Europeans take the stage -  A month of celebration


Festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, football matches, TV and radio shows – March will see the climax of celebrations for the anniversary of the treaty founding the EU, signed on 25 March 50 years ago.

While the biggest events - such as the Youth Summit, the informal meeting of the EU leaders and the Stars of Europe concert - are taking place in Rome, Berlin and Brussels, many other EU cities are hosting initiatives.

In London, the Festival of Europe will invite people to engage in debates on society, politics, art and philosophy. In England, a European all-star team will meet Manchester United in a charity match. In Belgium, the Palais des Beaux-Arts will host an exhibition on ‘a vision for Brussels’, presenting a revolutionary project by an international team of architects and urban planners. In the Netherlands, the city of Maastricht is celebrating with a film festival.

Artists, journalists, politicians and EU experts will be heading the celebrations. On BBC Radio 4, for example, British presenter Jonathan Dimbleby will hold a political discussion broadcast from the Dublin National Gallery.

Another initiative, Spring Day for Europe aims to encourage debate on the EU among young people aged 7-17. In Romania, teachers, pupils, and young offenders in detention will come together to present theatre performances, pictures and creative literary compositions on the theme: the evolution of European values.

Throughout the month, entertainment, information, open debates and much more will be going on in Copenhagen, Sofia, Tallinn, Vienna, Athens and many other EU cities, to bring Europe closer to its citizens.

Go and see the events taking place in your country.

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