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Lend us your ears

Lend us your ears


Communication is a two-way business. Stopping the blame game between the EU’s institutions and its member countries is an essential first step towards working better together.

EU institutions and member governments are being urged to collaborate more closely to inform people about the EU. In the past, each has accused the other of falling short in this area.

In a bid to bridge the gap between the EU and its people, the commission is today setting out a series of measures, based on the strong reaction to its 2006 communication proposals, to improve the way the EU talks and listens to the public.

As the commission cannot improve communication single-handedly, it has proposed a joint programme involving the EU parliament and council. The aim is not to standardise their messages – just to coordinate what they say on the same subjects.

But communication shouldn't just be Brussels' business. The commission is also forming partnerships with interested EU countries to help them explain the workings of the EU in schools.

And this is just the beginning. In the next few months, the commission will adopt new strategies for internet and audiovisual communication. EUTube, the commission's space on YouTube, is already a huge success, with over a million visits since its launch three months ago.

EUTube's success has inspired the EU parliament to upload its first video (Sakharov Prize - fighting for a better world), adding to the existing store of information on the EU at work.

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