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The EU yesterday, today and tomorrow

A public debate marking the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

Dates: 09/05/07
Place: Maribor
Country: Slovenia
Participants: Peter Ješovnik, Deputy Director of the Office for European Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia; Anton Kokalj, Head of the Committee for European Union Affairs in the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia; Andrej Verlič, Deputy-Mayor of the City of Maribor; Rajko Knez, Lecturer at the law Faculty of the University of Maribor
Organizer: Zavod PIP: Pravo, Informacije, Pomoč
The EU yesterday, today and tomorrow

The debate is part of the mosaic of various events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of European integration, and is being supported by the Government’s Office for Communication.

The debate aims to illustrate the path taken by the EU in the course of its integration, while also addressing the challenges of the future and honouring the symbolism of 9 May.

The debate is structured in a way that allows reflection on the EU’s past achievements while remembering Slovenia’s accession 3 years ago.

Furthermore, the debate will look at the present situation in the EU, touch upon the Berlin declaration and focus on one of the hottest topics for Slovenia in the future: its EU Presidency next year. The debate will try to picture the past, present and future of the EU in a way that allows the ordinary man and woman to feel part of the bigger integration picture, with the aim of bringing the public audience into actual dialogue with prominent guests who will share their views on the subject.

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