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EU red-tape-busting service Solvit turns five

EU red-tape-busting service Solvit turns five


Special EU service celebrates five years of helping Europeans live and work across the EU

Having difficulty getting a residence permit in the EU? Your qualifications not recognised? Or has your business been denied access to a certain EU market? For all these problems and more, the EU's Solvit service is the answer.

Since July 2002, Solvit has been offering fast and pragmatic solutions to businesses and ordinary people who have problems enforcing their rights under EU law to move around the continent to live, work or study.

There is a Solvit centre in every EU country (as well as in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). Part of the civil service in each country, they are committed to providing assistance, free of charge, to all Europeans.

Solvit has settled 1 800 disputes without the need for legal proceedings – the vast majority in under ten weeks. Over two thirds of Solvit cases come from the general public, with problems mainly relating to social security, tax and getting recognition for their professional qualifications. The rest are from businesses still having problems with taxation, market access for their products and services, or setting up outside their home  country.

In a typical recent Solvit case, an Italian national bought an American car via a Dutch importer who had registered the car in Germany. The local Italian vehicle registration office did not accept the papers usually needed to register the car and requested more documents. When Solvit Italy asked the Italian transport ministry to intervene, this prompted the registration office to do their job - within three weeks.

If you feel your rights under EU law are being denied in your dealings with the authorities in another country, you can fill out an online complaint form or contact your national Solvit centre by e-mail or telephone.

Solvit is one of a range of free EU services offered to make your life easier. These include:

  • Europe Direct – general, practical information on any issue related to EU policy or law
  • Your Europe - information on your rights to live, work and study around Europe;
  • Citizens Signpost Service - personalised legal advice on your rights to live, work and study around Europe.

How Solvit can help you (16’04”)

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