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Travel made easy

Travel made easy


Slashed roaming costs, one currency, safer airlines - the EU is working hard to make travel easier.

At last - summer’s here! Time to relax and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Europe is a popular place to holiday, not just for Europeans, but for the whole world, with six countries in the top ten global destinations. And travel here has never been easier, with plenty of help from EU law.

Reduced - or completely abolished - border checks between the 27 EU member countries save precious holidaying time. Europeans and certain nationals from countries outside the EU no longer need a visa to travel to other EU countries, an ID or passport is enough. Non‑EU nationals can also apply for a Schengen visa, enabling them to visit several countries on a single visa. And, for your peace of mind when flying, the EU recently updated its blacklist of unsafe airlines.

There are no limits to what you can buy for personal use when travelling within the EU. The euro is used in 13 EU countries and is widely accepted in tourist-friendly areas in other European countries too. No more need for hefty exchange fees - the euro you take out of the bank in Italy will be accepted in France, Slovenia or any other member of the eurozone.

Homesick? You can now phone home on your mobile without worrying about excessive charges - within the EU, you will now pay no more than 49 euro cents a minute to make a call and 24 cents to receive one.

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Travelling in Europe

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