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Ågård Efterskole - a boarding school for youngsters age 14 to 17

Ågård Efterskole is one of many “efterskoler” in Denmark where students from 14-17 years of age live and study at the school. Ågård Efterskole has a Christian base and tries to give the students an understanding of Danish history, culture and also the contemporary society in general. Ågård...

Egtved, Denmark

De 10/08/2019 a 30/06/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 02/01/2019

The International

In order to apply please visit https://www.icye.dk/ansogningsskemaer/ ONLY DANSK ICYE APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE CONSIDERED. The International Academy and Boarding School of Denmark is the only 100% English speaking efterskole in Denmark, where students aged 14-17 can combine the unique...

Ulfborg, Denmark

De 05/08/2019 a 30/06/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 02/01/2019

ICYE Denmark - an international exchange organisation

In order to apply please visit https://www.icye.dk/ansogningsskemaer/ ONLY DANSK ICYE APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Dansk ICYE (Danish International Cultural Youth Exchange) is an international cultural organisation, managing exchange programs for Danish and foreign volunteers in...

Aarhus C, Denmark

De 01/08/2019 a 30/06/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 02/01/2019

Volunteering opportunities in France - Grand Est

We are a sending organisation from Luxembourg that is working in close cooperation with partners from the "Grand Est"-region in France: Nancy, Verdun, Maxéville, Metz, Bonzée, Vecoux, Scy-Chazelles, ... other might follow in the near future. We are currently running an project which is already...

Metz, France

De 01/01/2019 a 31/03/2020

Prazo de candidatura: No deadline.

Fjord & Bælt

In order to apply please visit https://www.icye.dk/ansogningsskemaer/ ONLY DANSK ICYE APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE CONSIDERED. Fjord...

Kerteminde, Denmark

De 25/08/2019 a 24/08/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 02/01/2019

EVS in Olomouc, Czech Republic

United Games of Nations - Czech Republic is looking for one volunteer who is motivated, active, independent and open to foreign cultures. The EVS will take place in the centre of Olomouc, which is a city about 100 000 inhabitants situated in a north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Volunteer...

Olomouc, Czech Republic

De 03/01/2019 a 03/09/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 20/12/2018

EVS volunteers for FESTIVALETTERATURA in Mantova

We are looking for 2 volunteers for 10 months: 1) At the secretary office: organisation of one of the most well-known festivals in the world. They create and manage initiatives aiming at promoting Festivaletteratura, a regular appointment for writers and readers since 1997. It is an...

Mantova, Italy

De 01/06/2019 a 30/04/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 15/01/2019

SVE avec SUNCOKRET en Croatie

- Initiatives locales de volontariat - camp des volontaires internationaux - activités avec la communauté locale - programme quotidien de sport, éducation, culture, artisanat, … - communication et soutien au bureau - projets et activités autonomes - promotion du SVE et du volontariat

Gvozd, Croatia

De 01/01/2019 a 31/03/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 31/12/2019

Volunteer for the communication

Communication with public organisations, institutes, schools, libraries, etc. Preparation and sending information about EVS to organizations; Publicity of EVS activities: social networks, articles, photos, success stories and leisure organisation for volunteers; Publication of various projects:...

Marijampolė, Lithuania

De 22/01/2019 a 10/01/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 15/01/2019

Sport and health oriented after school care center "Schulplatz 1"

Volunteer will be integrated in the "on the move and health oriented" program of the after school care center by supporting the pedagogues in their daily activities. Sport, movement and healthy lifestyle are the key words in the daily work at the after school care center. For this reason, the "on...

Potsdam, Germany

De 04/05/2019 a 03/05/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 05/01/2019


Let’s maintain Young Entrepreneur Production together! YEP? Do you feel like - learning about social entrepreneurship? - realizing your business idea and finally make it happen? - making an impact on a local level? - supporting others in reaching their goals? - organizing event and make...

Sevnica, Slovenia

De 31/12/2018 a 30/08/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 19/12/2018

8-month EVS vacancy in Normandie, France for a BULGARIAN volunteer

Elbeuf is a little town near Rouen in Normandie, between Paris and Normandy ‘beach.The MJC (Youth and Cultural Center) works in area where lives around 50 000 habitants. The MJC is a nonprofit organization that promotes non formal education. Our main goal is the development of active citizenship...

Elbeuf, France

De 14/01/2019 a 14/09/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 18/12/2018