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EVS in Granada Spain (8 months , Starting from Novermber)

From 1 of November 2018 to 24 of July of 2019 will host in Cijuela (Granada-Spain) 2 volunteers 1 from France and other from Bulgary. All of them will have social profile, we would like young participants with desire to learn, to contribute and improve the social reality of other young people...

SPAIN, Cijuela(Granada), Spain

De 01/11/2018 a 24/07/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 01/10/2018

Education & Inclusive Leisure

With this project, our volunteers will learn and put into practice a new way of educating, since leisure now acquires an important value in our society, and that is why it is important that there are people who know how to educate in it. Our organization has more than 20 years of experience in...

Zaragoza, Spain

De 01/05/2019 a 30/11/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 09/10/2018

International Youth Work in Harjavalta

In this project you get to volunteer in Harjavalta youth work department. Daily routines and tasks include working with children and youngsters in local youth house and school, planning and assisting in different clubs, theme evenings and summer camps and much more. You also get to work with young...

Harjavalta, Finland

De 14/01/2019 a 13/12/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 02/11/2018

EVS in Kraków for a girl from Armenia, 9 months from October 18

Currently we are looking for a volunteer from Armenia who will support Kindergarten in Complex Schol no 11 in Kraków. EVS project "Equal Volunteering" will take part in Cracow, the mobility will start in October 2018 until July 2019. 10 volunteers who come from different cultural backgrounds, such...

Kraków, Poland

De 14/10/2018 a 31/07/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 30/09/2018

Youth and the City - Urgent Call for Female Volunteer from EU

Please read the call before applying. We are looking forward to host 1 female volunteer from programme country for 4-months starting October 2018. The volunteer can get involved in following activities (you can choose those related to your interest): - organizing workshops for local youngsters,...

Rzeszów, Poland

De 01/10/2018 a 31/03/2019

Prazo de candidatura: No deadline.

Youth and the City - Urgent Call for Female Volunteer from EU

Please read the call before applying. We are looking forward to host 1 female and 1 male volunteers from programme countries for 6-months starting February 2019. The volunteers can get involved in following activities (you can choose those related to your interest): - organizing workshops for local...

Rzeszów, Poland

De 01/10/2018 a 28/02/2019

Prazo de candidatura: No deadline.

Be involved, be active

Care and working centre Toncka Hocevar is a social welfare institution. We offer help and support to adults with mental disabilities and co-occurring disabilities. We organize day care and institutional care. Within programs of day car adults with special needs do different forms of occupations. It...

Ljubljana, Slovenia

De 01/03/2019 a 28/02/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 09/10/2018

Education is a journey, not a race

The main idea of the project is to implement a pilot program in the local schools in order to decrease the level of school abandonment. Methods used will be mainly from the non-formal education field. The objectives that we are willing to achieve through this project are: 1.A higher...

Sighisoara, Romania

De 10/11/2018 a 10/05/2019

Prazo de candidatura: No deadline.

FOCUS - Fostering and Obtaining Changes and Urban Sustainability

The overall objective of the project is to foster and obtain changes and urban sustainability. Participants coming in Vodnjan-Dignano will have the possibility to work on a project of local sustainable development that will give them a new perspective of interaction between social, economic and...

Vodnjan, Croatia

De 26/10/2018 a 23/12/2018

Prazo de candidatura: 07/10/2018

Creating Public Spaces through Art in Chisinau

In the course of almost 2 decades Oberliht provided support to local and international artists by organizing exhibitions, residencies, supporting them to produce their works and promoting them in our publications. We are constantly informing the artistic community about different opportunities to...

Chisinau, Moldova (Republic of)

De 01/02/2019 a 31/05/2020

Prazo de candidatura: 01/10/2018

rESCue Brigade - ESC Brigade for Ria Formosa's Rescue Center

rESCue Brigade - European Solidarity Corps Brigade for Ria Formosa's Rescue Center is a group volunteering activity with four volunteers, involving five youth organizations (one Hosting Organization from Portugal and four Sending Organizations from Germany, Italy, Croatia and Romania). The...

Olhão, Portugal

De 01/10/2018 a 30/09/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 30/09/2018

Transylvania Youth

Activities to be developed: The experimental activities that EVS volunteers will develop during their stay in Sighisoara are: 1. "E-Sighisoara": (a) e-promotion of historical monument buildings in Sighisoara (mainly the medieval historical area), Wikipedia (and, where applicable, by attaching QR...

Sighisoara, Romania

De 15/01/2019 a 15/07/2019

Prazo de candidatura: 01/11/2018