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Education is a journey, not a race

The main idea of the project is to implement a pilot program in the local schools in order to decrease the level of school abandonment. Methods used will be mainly from the non-formal education field. The objectives that we are willing to achieve through this project are: 1.A higher...

Sighisoara, Romania

Van 09/11/2018 tot 09/05/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

Mens sana in corpore sano

In a European society where the concern to reconnect education with the labor market is more and more present, our project proposes an innovative perspective on learning: through sports solutions and practical and experimental workshops to promote a healthy lifestyle and complementary elements, we...

Sighisoara, Romania

Van 14/01/2019 tot 14/09/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: 14/12/2018

International Volunteering with INEX-SDA

Every year INEX-SDA organizes over 30 international voluntary workcamps across the Czech Republic where a group of local and foreign volunteers support ecological, social or cultural-historical community projects. By organising international voluntary projects, educational programs and campaigns we...

Praha 2, Czech Republic

Van 03/02/2019 tot 02/02/2020

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: 17/11/2018

Une Année de Volontariat au services des autres

Support people with mental disabilities. Sharing a life experience with people with mental disabilities. Help people in their everyday life activities (shopping, accompanying them out of the center, etc.) Contribute to educational activities (taking part in observation and reflection times,...


Van 30/09/2018 tot 29/09/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

Strategic EVS, "Future in Progress"

We are a municipality in Helsingborg, south Sweden, looking for volunteers that have interest in solutions for youth to gain a more employabel profile. We try to match unemployed to the labour market and/or studies. You will take part in daily activities during work hours, monday-friday between...

Helsingborg, Sweden

Van 31/08/2018 tot 28/06/2020

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

Voluntariado em ambiente e proteção da natureza

No âmbito da ação A.5 do projeto VOLUNTEER ESCAPES – Volunteer with European Solidarity Corps for Activities in Portugal with Ecological Sense, estamos à procura de 1 voluntário para efetuar a reestruturação das infraestruturas do viveiro, no que se refere a trabalhos de carpintaria, implementação...

Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal

Van 22/09/2018 tot 24/11/2018

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

Take care - lead horses and assist in therapies as a sidewalker

In general, the volunteers will learn how to interact with the horses, clean the space around them, clean the horse itself, dress them and even lead them. The volunteers will be also trained in how to interact with the people with disabilities because they also work as side walkers (they will give...

Athens, Greece

Van 30/09/2018 tot 29/11/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

DIY - Do it yourself - Romania - Volunteers from Portugal only

The host organization is a non-governmental organization, with the main objective to promote community development and social economy at local and regional level. The organization is to develop programs that emphasize the voluntary and respect, protect and preserve the environment go hand in hand...

Craiova, Romania

Van 30/11/2018 tot 31/05/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

V for Volunteering - Romania - Volunteers from Portugal only

The Association it’s a noprofit apolitical organisation which was founded by a group of teachers, roma activists and roma students, in the south-west part of Romania in 2008. Due to it`s involvement in numerous projects concerning education, youth and voluntary work, the association has decided to...

Resita, Romania

Van 31/01/2019 tot 31/01/2020

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

Listen to Your Heart - EVS in Sighisoara (Romania)

This project is built on the need of young people and youth workers to participate in international mobility and help them develop key competences for a future desired job. The context of this project is the existence of many young people at the level of the European Union and not only do not have...

Sighisoara, Romania

Van 14/10/2018 tot 14/06/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

EVS "Create your lifebook" - Lodz (Poland) 12 months

The Foundation Institute of Creative Actions manage the educational center "3Piętra" (3 floors), which is a multifunctional place that combines education, culture and art and has been established as an initiative to coagulate ideas, events and projects of different social and cultural...

Łódź, Poland

Van 31/08/2018 tot 30/10/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.

Get more connected for inclusion

The aim of this project is the personal development of 6 young foreign volunteers from Turkey, Spain, Italy and Portugal in the context of the social integration facility for disadvantaged children and young people. Activities: - socio-educational animation with disadvantaged young people (to...

Baia Mare, Romania

Van 14/11/2018 tot 14/07/2019

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: No deadline.