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All2help is a non-profit organization working in the non-formal education sector and promoting solidarity at local and international level. It aims to promote dialogue, non-formal education, and better communication between the urban and rural worlds, and between the elderly and the young. It also...

Soria, Spain

Alates 03/09/2018 Kuni 05/05/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: No deadline.

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Ecological and sustainable volunteering in Finnish Ecovillage

The activities will have two main focuses. Working "internally" in the activities of the Ecovillage, and the activities offered and promoted "outwards" through the cooperation carried out with the other local partners in Keuruu (such as schools, local youth work). The purpose of the volunteers will...

Keuruu, Finland

Alates 01/05/2018 Kuni 31/10/2018

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 28/04/2018

Forest Quest Short Term EVS

Short term EVS project focusing on environment and exploring a new culture and interacting with a communities where they play a key role and become a part of the local social life. The project will focus on social and cultural development task in 3 rural villages in the area of Pitsilia, part or...

Ptsilia Area, Cyprus

Alates 17/05/2018 Kuni 19/06/2018

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 10/05/2018

„Dive into the Heritage” Cracow and Waganowice, Poland (10months)

Project „Dive into the Heritage” will take place in Cracow. Project will be an occasion for mutual dialogue of elements which has shaped for centuries European culture. One of the goal is to promote deeper understanding of diversity and richness of cultural heritage of Europe. Daily...

Cracow, Poland

Alates 01/09/2018 Kuni 30/06/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 21/04/2018

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The main activities of the project will be 2 EVS youth mobilities. In each of them, 10EVS volunteers will be hosted in Arad...

ARAD, Romania

Alates 01/06/2018 Kuni 01/01/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 20/05/2018

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The project´s main themes are Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy but also mobility, opportunities, healthy lifestyles), Inclusion - equity (disability, children and Intergenerational activities) and Creativity and culture (local events, cultural agenda, project management, free time...

Amarante, Portugal

Alates 01/05/2018 Kuni 31/05/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: No deadline.


– Support to technicians and teachers on education, training and free time activities for children, elderly and disable people as well as support local organic farmers, local fair trade and our local Youth Center (CJ Amarante). In this last option they will be involved in the elaboration and...

Amarante, Portugal

Alates 27/05/2018 Kuni 31/05/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 09/05/2018

Great opportunity: EVS in La Strada-Der Weg

InCo is ready for the second deadline of 2018! We are looking for 1 future EVS volunteer for our partner La Strada-Der Weg, based in the bilingual Province of Bolzano. The project lasts 12 months, from September 2018 to August 2019. Today La Strada - Der Weg counts on 120 employees and around...

Trento, Italy

Alates 03/09/2018 Kuni 31/08/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 20/04/2018

Grow with us 2 (EVS project)

Participating countries: LJUDSKA UNIVERZA ORMOZ (Slovenia) as Hosting Organisation and IOGT Poljska (Poljska) as Sending Organisation. We represent the focal point, where youth of all ages and beliefs have the opportunity to create and develop various club activities. We offer the possibility of...

Ormož, Slovenia

Alates 16/07/2018 Kuni 16/11/2018

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 30/04/2018

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EFD in Italien

Für ein EFD-Projekt in Italien suchen wir Interessentinnen/en! Das Projekte soll 6 Monate laufen - möglichst ab Anfang/Mitte Juni. Hier die Infos: Das Projekt findet an der Adria-Küste in Senigallia (zwischen Ancona und Pesaro) statt. Hier ein paar Detail-Infos: The EVS volunteers will be...

Senigallia, Italy

Alates 16/06/2018 Kuni 16/12/2018

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 26/04/2018

EFD in Luxemburg

Wir sind die deutsche Entsendeorganisation für ein EFD-Projekt in Luxemburg! Wir können einen Platz für den 10-monatigen EFD anbieten (ca. 01.09.18 - 30.06.19) und nehmen ab sofort Bewerbungen entgegen. Man sollte möglichst über 20 Jahre alt sein! Der EFD findet in einer Studentenorganisation...

Luxemburg, Luxembourg

Alates 01/09/2018 Kuni 30/06/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 26/04/2018

only for German volunteers - last mitute EVS- kindergarten in Budapest

Wir suchen einen Freiwilligen für den Kindergarten der reformierten Gemeinde in Budapest. Der Kindergarten liegt im Südwesten des Stadtgebiets, am westlichen Ufer der Donau. Der Kindergarten hat langjährige Erfahrung mit Freiwilligen aus vielen Ländern und manche besuchen den Kindergarten noch von...

Budapest, Hungary

Alates 01/09/2018 Kuni 31/08/2019

Taotluse esitamise tähtaeg: 22/04/2018