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Voluntariado con niños con dificultades o con discapacitados Francia

Si eres una persona joven y con motivación para ayudar, anímate a realizar este voluntariado con niños con dificultades o con discapacitados en Francia. he missions of the center for children and teenagers in the Drôme are: to protect, assist and educate children, teenagers and young adults...

Valence, France

De 01/01/2019 a 30/09/2019

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

Voluntariado en escuela primaria en Polonia

Te traemos una vacante para participar en un voluntariado en escuela primaria en Polonia. La incorporación es inmediata y hasta final de curso. ¡Anímate a vivir una experiencia única! The School Complex consists of Primary School as well as Grammar School. The Complex is equipped with a gym, a...

grodek, Poland

De 30/11/2018 a 30/06/2019

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

Periodista/Comunicación para hacer voluntariado europeo en Portugal

No te pierdas la oportunidad de Hacer voluntariado europeo en Portugal en el contexto de las asociaciones de jóvenes por 1 año. Although the main activities are: – support of the educational/recreational activities plan, whith a non-formal educational methodology; – support internal and...

viana do castelo, Portugal

De 30/11/2018 a 14/09/2019

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

Active Keswick (EVS)

This is an opportunity for 2 volunteers from GEORGIA and ROMANIA to be part of an innovative project in a community sports organisation (Keswick Rugby http://www.keswickrugby.com) delivering active and healthy lifestyle coaching for a local schools, youth groups and the wider community as part of a...

Keswick, United Kingdom

De 30/11/2018 a 30/07/2019

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

CHAOS: Volunteering for an Inclusive Community (EVS)

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to get experience in the social sector, working with an exceptional community organisation in Cornwall. CHAOS http://chaosgroupcornwall.co.uk is a diverse and innovative NGO which provides services and opportunities to disadvantaged people in rural and city...

Truro, United Kingdom

De 06/01/2019 a 30/12/2019

Fecha de solicitud: 29/11/2018

Challenge misery by building and learning together !

Together with our professional teams, the volunteers are working with the inhabitants who are facing difficult situations (link with personal, social, economical or health problems...) to help them in the renovation of their homes. The main objectives is to run some technical works to improve the...

La Réunion (Island in the Indian Ocean, is an overseas department and region of France), France

De 30/11/2018 a 30/03/2020

Fecha de solicitud: 30/01/2019

Youth projects for all - EVS in Flers

Two volunteers will be hosted for 8 month in the youth sector of Flers Agglo. There will two main missions : 1. One mission is about youth information, animation of workshops in order to get youngsters involved in different projects (mobility, daily life, leisure activities for the youngsters. )...

Flers,, France

De 13/01/2019 a 30/08/2019

Fecha de solicitud: 29/11/2018

Cultural projects in Flers -Normandy

You will be hosted in the museum of Flers for 8 month. In this project you will be able to participate in the actions of the program of the museum and you can also create cultural projects linked to the activities of the museum. For exemple : help the team of the museum to animate the visits of...

Flers, France

De 14/01/2019 a 30/08/2019

Fecha de solicitud: 29/11/2018

Creative leisure and cultural diversity

The projects’ objective is to provide cultural diversity and good opportunities to participate. Actions are executed by youngsters adressed to youngsters in the City of Sundsvall. Our work is to stimulate unemployed youngsters’ to active participation in society in all, but especially in youth...

Sundsvall, Sweden

De 30/01/2019 a 28/02/2020

Fecha de solicitud: 19/01/2019

Stop Divisions!Reappropriation of European values through EVS

Long term EVS for 11 months in Cento, Italy for period of 11 months. Issues and needs that the partners are trying to address with this project relate to the promotion of NF education and Volunteering as responsive tools for active citizenship, participation and social inclusion starting from young...

Cento, Italy

De 31/10/2018 a 30/12/2019

Fecha de solicitud: No deadline.

Looking for a volunteer in the Stadtjugendring Würzburg

The City Youth Council (Stadtjugendring Würzburg) of the Bavarian Youth Council (Bayerische Jugendring) is a public corporation and the consortium of 40 youth organizations in Würzburg with approximately 25,000 members and 2,500 volunteers. The statutory tasks include the local political...

Würzburg, Germany

De 14/02/2019 a 13/02/2020

Fecha de solicitud: 29/11/2018

Work with children in the North of Italy

VKE is an association of volunteers, founded in Bolzano in 1974 by a group of parents, who wanted to dedicate themselves to emphasizing children's and young people's right to play and creating playing areas for them, but also to the improvement of children's life quality, as well as that of the...

Bolzano-Bozen, Italy

De 28/02/2019 a 27/02/2020

Fecha de solicitud: 12/12/2018