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FOR DANISH ONLY – activities around the game in a social center

The Social Centre Confluence works with different types of publics : children, infants, families, adults with psychical diseases, through different kinds of activities : kindergarten, renting games, various workshops (cooking, languages, crafts, …). The volunteer will be mainly in the renting...

Redon, France

From 04/09/2018 to 04/08/2019

Application deadline: 11/06/2018

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Discovering Europe - Burg Rieneck

Castle Rieneck is an international education and community centre of the Christian scouts union. Build as a guest house it is able to host groups throughout the year and offers a various educational programs. Visitors are mainly school classes, church-related groups, seminars and conferences,...

Rieneck, Germany

From 22/08/2018 to 21/08/2019

Application deadline: 17/06/2018

Think Green! - volunteers from Portugal only

The EVS team will contribute to preserve nature and environment through an ecological and sustainable approach and will promote a dialogue and a cultural exchange. Then, they will start the activities, the main of which are: - organization and implementation of the main campaigns. -...

Florence, Italy

From 15/06/2018 to 01/12/2018

Application deadline: No deadline.

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Urgent - EVS in Croacia - Volunteers from Portugal only

"Creative summer" is traditionally organised by volunteers of Association IKS for children and youth, with purpose to engage children and youth in fun, educational activities that are implemented in a multicultural team and promote youth mobility. Activities of this volunteering project, enriched...

Petrinja, Croatia

From 01/06/2018 to 31/07/2018

Application deadline: 25/05/2018

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THIS POSITION IS ONLY FOR PORTUGUESE VOLUNTEERS. Under action A.6 of project VOLUNTEER ESCAPES – Volunteer with European Solidarity Corps for Activities in Portugal with Ecological Sense, we are looking for 1 volunteer to support active conservation of a stream that MONTIS manages in Montemor-o-...


From 01/06/2018 to 31/12/2018

Application deadline: 31/05/2018

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8 plazas voluntariado europeo verano en Croacia sobre naturaleza

Seguimos con ofertas de voluntariado Europeo verano de corta duración con una oferta SVE desde agosto para 1 mes en Croacia gracias a un proyecto para ayudar al medio ambiente. ¿Quieres ser tú el siguiente voluntari@? ¡Sigue leyendo! The project is taking place in small town called Perušić,...

perusic, Croatia

From 20/08/2018 to 17/09/2018

Application deadline: No deadline.

Becas voluntariado corta duración en Portugal sobre música

Becas voluntariado corta duración Erasmus+ para un voluntariado con música en Portugal con todos los gastos pagados de transporte, alojamiento y manutención. El proyecto es para fomentar la música de bandas entre la juventud. Would you like to spend the summer in the village of Penamacor in the...


From 01/08/2018 to 30/09/2018

Application deadline: No deadline.

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Capoeira communities: International became local

Project is held in Zagreb, Croatia from 3rd of September 2018. till 3rd of August 2019. It hosts four volunteers from Spain, Italy, France and Germany. It is open to all young people between 18 and 30 years. Udruga Amazonas is a host organisation and it is active in sport, social and cultural field...

Zagreb, Croatia

From 03/09/2018 to 03/08/2019

Application deadline: 15/06/2018

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Voluntariado social en Irlanda

Interesantísima oportunidad de voluntariado social Irlanda . Como voluntario en esta organización de acogida podrás ayudar a los más necesitados y aprender a desenvolverte en inglés sin ningún problema. ¡Sigue leyendo para saber cómo aplicar! The project will start from September 1st. As you...

galway, Ireland

From 01/09/2018 to 31/05/2019

Application deadline: No deadline.

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Voluntariado europeo Lituania en cuidado de niños

We need volunteers for these different target groups. You can choose one of 4: 1. A work in social center with 6-11 year children. Two day centers for children 6-11 year old, who live in very poor material conditions, have emotional and behavior problems, have learning problems, and need...

vilnius, Lithuania

From 23/08/2018 to 31/07/2019

Application deadline: No deadline.

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Voluntariado Polonia en un pueblo: juventud, emprendizaje y cultura

Aquí tenemos otra oferta voluntariado Polonia que busca voluntarios/as en un proyecto sobre jóvenes en cultura, juventud y emprendizaje. Si quieres adquirir experiencia en un centro educativo en el extranjero y a la vez ayudar a los demás esta es tu oportunidad.

Location: Wola village (43-225), Silesian Region, southern Poland (near Tychy, Pszczyna and Katowice cities), Poland

From 07/06/2018 to 07/07/2019

Application deadline: No deadline.

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Voluntariado Bulgaria con comunidad local, museo y galería de arte

voluntariado Bulgaria en comunidad local , galería de arte y museo con el Programa Erasmus+ de servicio voluntariado europeo con todos los gastos pagados para jóvenes residentes en España menores de 30 años. we have one approved EVS project where we are looking for a volunteer from Spain The...

shipka, Bulgaria

From 05/06/2018 to 31/05/2019

Application deadline: No deadline.

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