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URGENT CALL FOR 1 VOLUNTEER FROM PARTNER COUNTRIES IN AN APPROVED 10 MONTHS E.V.S. PROJECT IN ROMANIA ‘’Mind Artists” STARTING IN OCTOBER 2018 We are looking for 1 volunteer from Austria , with artistic skills, who wants to become facilitator of personal development through different arts, for...

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Von 01/10/2018 bis 31/07/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 26/09/2018

Une Année de Volontariat au services des autres

Support people with mental disabilities. Sharing a life experience with people with mental disabilities. Help people in their everyday life activities (shopping, accompanying them out of the center, etc.) Contribute to educational activities (taking part in observation and reflection times,...


Von 01/10/2018 bis 30/09/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

Vanhamäki Activity Centre

Vanhamäki is an activity centre in Suonenjoki, which is a small rural town of some 7 500 inhabitants, situated in the central Finland. Vanhamäki provides different kinds of activities for visitors and it also runs organic farm, horse stables and a foster home. The centre produces organic berries...

Suonenjoki, Finland

Von 01/04/2019 bis 30/11/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 11/10/2018

Strategic EVS, "Future in Progress"

We are a municipality in Helsingborg, south Sweden, looking for volunteers that have interest in solutions for youth to gain a more employabel profile. We try to match unemployed to the labour market and/or studies. You will take part in daily activities during work hours, monday-friday between...

Helsingborg, Sweden

Von 01/09/2018 bis 29/06/2020

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

Koli National Park and Koli Nature Centre Ukko

Koli National Park is one of Finland’s 39 national parks, which are run by Metsähallitus. Koli’s hills, lakes and forests provide a beautiful scenery for enjoyable outdoor activities at any time of year. The Nature Centre is the heart of the activities and the volunteer tasks in the national park....

Lieksa, Finland

Von 07/01/2019 bis 06/11/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 11/10/2018

Make the Change Happen - Turkey and Lithuania

SOPRO is a Hosting and Coordinating organization, is currently looking for one volunteer from Turkey and other from Lithuania for an 12 months EVS project starting in October 2019. The volunteer will work in social shop and his activities will help organize the donated goods. Separation of...

Barcelos, Portugal

Von 01/10/2018 bis 30/11/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

Make the Change Happen - Italia and Estonia

SOPRO is a Hosting and Coordinating organization, is currently looking for one volunteer from Italia and other from Estonia for an 12 months EVS project starting in October 2019. The volunteer will work in a Day Center with and his activities will be in support of the elderly. The place is...

Barcelos, Portugal

Von 01/10/2018 bis 31/10/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.


Zō Associazione culturale runs a multidisciplinary culture center called Zō centro culture contemporanee, in the south of Italy. During the year, Zō is programming and producing cultural events (theatre and dance performances, concerts, cinema projections, festivals, laboratories, workshops...),...


Von 01/02/2019 bis 31/01/2020

Bewerbungsfrist: 26/09/2018

Take care - lead horses and assist in therapies as a sidewalker

In general, the volunteers will learn how to interact with the horses, clean the space around them, clean the horse itself, dress them and even lead them. The volunteers will be also trained in how to interact with the people with disabilities because they also work as side walkers (they will give...

Athens, Greece

Von 01/10/2018 bis 31/07/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

2 Nature Reserves Visitor Assistants

BirdLife Malta is looking for two full-time Nature Reserves Visitor Assistants to join their international team protecting birds and their habitats and inspiring and educating people about birds and nature in the Maltese Islands. The Visitor Assistants will be based at our nature reserves in Malta...

Ta' Xbiex, Malta

Von 01/11/2018 bis 31/10/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: 21/09/2018

DIY - Do it yourself - Romania - Volunteers from Portugal only

The host organization is a non-governmental organization, with the main objective to promote community development and social economy at local and regional level. The organization is to develop programs that emphasize the voluntary and respect, protect and preserve the environment go hand in hand...

Craiova, Romania

Von 01/12/2018 bis 01/06/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.

DISCAPACIDAD 2018-2019 - Spain - Volunteers from Portugal only

The host organization is a non-profit assocoated labor cooperative created in 1984 whose mission is to improve the quality of life of the 36 people with intellectual Disabilities it serves, and their families. Fist, volunteers will never supersede any job. The role of the EVS volunteers in the...


Von 01/11/2018 bis 31/05/2019

Bewerbungsfrist: No deadline.