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- Farma Życia - The main goal of The Community of Hope Foundation is to ensure disabled people (adult and autistic) different forms of social, therapeutical and educational support, particularly in the context of our Life Farm facility (Farma Życia) which is located in Więckowice, in south part of Krakow. Furthermore, we work on improving the self-reliance and the occupational chances of disabled people for many years now.
- Centrum Autyzmu - The Centre is an educational establishment addressed for autistic and mentally disabled children and youth, consisting of kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and vocational centre, located in two premises. For younger students the Centre provides early childhood intervention. Centre’s mission is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and safe. Centre of Autism is the place where student’s needs are noticed and fulfilled, going along with parents and staff needs to achieve the highest learning outcom

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Volunteers should be open minded and capable of conducting their own initiatives. The motivation to work with socially, mentally and physically disabled people (youth and adults) should be high. Volunteers working in Farma Życia should also appreciate work in natural environment, away from the city centre.

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To apply please send CV and motivation letter to In motivation letter please briefly describe your own ideas for initiatives and programs that you can implement during EVS.

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