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Long term EVS in Bratislava/SK for volunteers from various countries

Long term EVS in Bratislava/SK for volunteers from various countries

Ecumenical council of churches in Slovakia program DOBRO

Bratislava, Slovakia

10 , Closed

Project description

We are looking for volunteers who want to experience an extraordinary year in our placements where we host our volunteers. We should host up to 10 volunteers in Bratislava; 1 in Senec +2 in Zilina; 2 in Presov from various countries (we have also 2 non EVS volunteers in our group). The whole group should count 18 volunteers. The volunteers create one international family that shares their free time and experience. The activities are mainly with kids/youth/teenagers; seniors in the senior house; mentally and physically disabled people; work with children and adults at risk. More info see on our web: We are Ecumenical council of churches - program DOBRO with 10 years of experience. We serve as coordinating organization who leads the whole program. The volunteers are placed in the various host organizations according their skills and openness. More info about the centers are available:


Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers share flats in the center of Bratislava and create one community. The flats have their kitchen so volunteers can cook on their own. Some centers where we host volunteers offer also a lunch. If there is a need the volunteer gets monthly public transport ticket for his/her activities so she can travel in the city for free. The centers in Senec, Zilina and Presov offer the accommodation in its center.


Training during the project

Besides the regular daily activities focused mainly on working skills, developing creativity, self-discipline, etc. Program also concentrates on non-formal learning and supervision, and organizes additional seminars and supervision meetings with volunteers. We use various methods for workshops:discussions, fun activities, arts and crafts, music. Volunteers are working in their centers (O) during their working time. In Bratislava we offer a possibility to try also some other activities in Os we cooperate with in the EVS area. This possibility helps to gain new skills and experience.


Volunteer profile

Age between 18-28 flexible and mature, with a open mind; willing to work with elderly, physically or socially weak people; or work with children and youth; learn a Slovak language; know different cultures and stay11 months; able to develop new programs in the placement and to take the initiative; open and willing to learn from the others; be in a group of volunteers reflecting on their experiences together; open not to have a comfort like at home respecting other people with their condition, abilities and faith; able to live simply in a flat with other volunteers, sharing a room , etc


How to apply

Write us about your interest as soon as possible.The application will be closed soon! If the place is still free we ask you to fill the application form. At the beginning we need first 2 steps (appl. and motivation letter) Then we arrange SKYPE interview.


Additional information

Vacancy for the volunteers are still open for more info see about our centers: and minimum requirements for particular placements.
Activity in Zilina starts: 1.8.2017 (12 months)
Activity in Presov starts: 1.9.2017 (12 months)
Activity in Bratislava and Senec start: 1.8.2017 (11 months)
As soon as we get your e-mail we will write you back.


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This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.

Project dates

A total of 56 week(s) during the period 01/08/2017 to 31/08/2018

Project location

Palisady 48, 81106 Bratislava

Looking for volunteers from

Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Cyprus

Project topics

Application deadline

Application deadline: 20/01/2017


Name: Nata Hovorkova

Phone: +421903195884