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Aprendiendo Europa en la Escuela (Learning Europe at School)

Volunteering projects

popis projektu

The project intends to promote an active European Citizenship in children's education, through performing workshops about European values and interculturality in some primary schools and a Centre for Adults Education in a rural area of Cordoba (Andalusia, Spain). The volunteers will be part of the ADEGUA's Europe Direct relay team. The volunteers will participate for 6 months, together with the relay staff, in the implementation of the workshops for all the pupils in a regular basis. In addition to that, the volunteers will be involved in a wider dissemination of the Erasmus+ programme, and EVS, participating in local media productions, informing the public of the Youth Houses and making presentations in other Schools. The methodology is based on the non formal education methods, promoting the initiative and autonomy of the team members in the framework of an efficient planning and coordination and a continuous support.


ubytování, stravování, doprava

The volunteers will live in a shared apartment (paid by the hosting organization) and will receive an amount for food each month in addition to the fixed pocket money.
No local transport is needed


školení během projektu

The volunteers will receive online linguistic support


profil dobrovolníka

Interested in European values and interculturality.
Like to work with children.
It would be useful for the volunteer the knowledge of the spanish language


jak se přihlásit

Send an email with your CV and a motivation letter


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