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project description

The association was founded by volunteers in 1963. L'ESAT (Etablissement et Services d'Aide par le Travail) and the centre «Les Genêts d'Or» welcome 126 adults (age 20 to 60 years old) with mental or physical disabilities. Some of them just come for the daytime, others are living in shared appartments or in their own appartments, which are looked after by the 65 staff members. The adults are working in professional workshops (like metalwork, floricultural work, paper work, gardening, woodwork etc.) or they are participating in. The volunteer will help the staff to organise and to lead sport activities for the residents (walking, jogging, aquagym, pétanque…) and leisure time activities like cultural activities or excursions. Sometimes the volunteer will organise some evening or week-end events. He or she will work with small groups or a single person. It would be very nice if the volunteer could organise a project around an intercultural topic.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The three volunteers in Quimper will share a flat in Quimper. Everyone will have his/ her own sleeping room, but they will share the kitchen and the bathroom. The volunteer will have access to the public transport in Quimper and the interurbain transport from Quimper to Briec. The EVS volunteer will have the possibility to eat in the association.
The association « Les Génêts d'Or » is based in Briec de l'Odet (5600 inhabitants) in a semi-rural surrounding, 15 km from Quimper. The volunteer will live in Quimper, but work in Briec.


training during the project

At the beginning the volunteer will participate in an "On-Arrival-Training" where he or she will meet all the EVS volunteers who are at the same time in France. There will be a "Mid-term seminar", as well. Besides, the Erasmus+ online course, there will be a French language class once a week. Furthermore, the five volunteers will meet once a week at one of the five associations to exchange experience, work on common projects, discover the city Quimper and the Bretagne.


volunteer profile

We are looking forward to a volunteer who is really interested to learn the French language and to get to know the French culture. Some notions of French are mandatory. It would be good if the volonteer has a driving licence, but it is not compulsory. EVS candidates who have not benefitted from any European mobility programme will be prioritised.


how to apply

Please fill in our online questionnaire:
Do not forget to send your CV via mail, as well to: and use the following subject : « EVS application », « name of the project ».


additional information

The five volunteers will start and end their EVS at the same time. They are in different hosting organisations, but they will spend a lot of time together, as well. They have the opportunity to get to know each other very well and to live the intercultural experience at home. This will give more autonomy to the volunteers and help them to get to know other people more easily. Gwennili will help the volunteers to open a bank account on which we will transfer some pocket money and some food money every month. Every hosting structure will offer a personal contact person for the EVS volunteer.


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