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International Youth Houses

popis projektu

Our project "International Youth Houses" aims to find and maintain a positive international atmosphere in all the activities provided by youth affairs in the city of Pori. We want our youngsters and youth workers to have an open mind and positive attitude towards other cultures and new international people coming to Pori.

We wish our volunteers to lead the way and help us achieve our aims. In result our volunteers, youngsters and youth workers feel more comfortable and learn from each other during our everyday activities. We hope that our youngsters would also get inspired and encouraged by the volunteers to travel and experience other countries and cultures.

Volunteers will work as assistant youth leaders, take part in planning and executing all the activities our organization provides for youngsters in Pori. We arrange camps, trips, small group activities, events, projects, clubs, web youth work, special youth work, international youth work and open youth house activities.


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The volunteers will share an apartment close to the city center, bedrooms are separated but they will share the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom together.

Volunteer will receive 125€ pocket money plus 180€ per month for food. With the 305€/month the volunteer will get by.

Hosting organisation will buy the flight tickets and arrange the transportation from Helsinki Airport to Pori.

Volunteers will get an access card for the local public bus transportation when needed to get to work place and a Finnish mobile phone number with internet connection paid.


školení během projektu

The On-Arrival Training for volunteers is in "Youth Centre Villa Elba" in Kokkola in September/October and it is about 6 days long

The Mid-Term Training usually is in January/February and it is about 3 days long

The trainings are really good opportunities to meet other volunteers from all over Europe and share with them experiences, thoughts and feelings regarding your European Voluntary Service. These trainings enable you to create friendships and travel more in your EVS country of residence.


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Volunteers must be comfortable and motivated working with youngsters. Work requires especially the ability to take responsibility and initiative making contact with the youth. We hope to find volunteers who show interest towards some of the activity types we provide and have some experience or skills of at least one of them; outdoor or indoor sports, graphic design, social work, event planning and social media marketing. The volunteers must be at least 18 year old because they will be working with youngsters and young people also over 18.


jak se přihlásit

Sen your CV and motivational letter/video etc. via e-mail to riikka.kataja@pori.fi.


další informace

Behind this link you can find even more detailed information of Finland, city of Pori, our organisation, the practical arrangements etc.