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EVS in a Day Care Center for the Disabled

Volunteering projects

project description

The Day care Center for the Disabled is a part of the Integrationswerkstätten Oberschwaben GmbH (IWO). It offers very good integration and support of people with mental (mind), physical (body) and severe multiple disabilities. The institution offers varied and challenging group work opportunities and individual care and therapy activities. Specifically, these people are not yet able or won’t be able to work in a workshop. The purpose is to develop and preserve the person’s individual skills (body, mind and social). So, we offer and develop individual living areas, quality of life, and life perspective for severely disabled people. We help people to live and participate in a community. We also encourage the realization and development of their personalities. The special needs department is near the workshop. This offers many possibilities for meeting with others. Our orientation group also gives our workers the possibility to test and develop their own skills.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will get a single room in flat in the city of Weingarten, bathroom and kitchen are to share with 4 more international and german volunteers.
In addition to the monthly pocket money volunteers will get 230 € money for food per months.
To travel around the area, volunteers get a monthly ticket. This includes free-use of all the public transportation of the Bodensee-Oberschwaben transportation authority.


training during the project

At the beginning, volunteers get important training and support so they can complete their duties.
The European volunteers and the Federal Volunteer Service youth at the IWO have regular meetings. In the meetings, they have the possibility to exchange information about: their work, their living environment, their values and their social and employment development. Certified education specialists give the volunteers individual support, training and guidance.
At weekly language training, volunteers can meet with the volunteers from other projects to trade experiences.


volunteer profile

Volunteers should be open to working with disabled people and people who are excluded from society. They should be able to individually design and plan activities. They should also be helpful and be able to work with other team members. Past experience in working with disabled people is helpful.
A basic or beginner level of the German language would be helpful for volunteers. An interest in learning German is expected.
A Class B driver’s licence is an asset.


how to apply

Volunteers should write a CV and a ‘project-related motivation letter’. This is a letter about why they want to volunteer at this organization. The decision will be based on motivation. It will not be based on background, gender, language skills, or level of education.


additional information

- This project is only for candidates from program countries (i.e. EU + EFTA + Turkey + Macedonia)

-At the center of our EVS projects are the volunteering activities in the host organisations, not the leisure time activities of volunteers
outside of the project, so volunteers should have the ability to organise their leisure time on their own.

-EVS is not a language course, therefore candidates who are at first and mainly interested in language learning should not apply for our

-We are expecting a full time volunteering service of 38 hours per week.