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Smíchov Vineyard educational project in Prague for a German Volunteer

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The program offers education in three basic areas from which a volunteer can choose. The first is social work and therapeutic methods (motion therapy, music therapy). The second is the management and preparation of educational courses for children and adults, the dramaturgy, games and other activities, and the third is a civic-legal training program that focuses on the acquisition of competencies in the area of civic engagement in the public space.
The larger part of the project takes place in Prague, but also in various regions of the Czech Republic and partly also abroad. The methodology is structured into 4 phases: "acclimatization", "getting involved", "dirty roads" and "horizon". The first part focuses on creating an educational plan, introducing the entire course offer and further training related to work safety and intercultural dialogue.The second is focused on gaining specific experience in the chosen area.


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shared flat (each one got own room) + Wifi


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The project aims at: improving communication skills (English, German, Czech), improving communication of their needs, personal time management, planning of events, camps, theaters, games and their dramaturgy culture, knowledge of Czech history and culture, understanding of representative democracy at city level, mastering of selected therapeutic tools, orientation in the social and educational sector, working with a group of people and leading an urban community, improving civic competences to the EU context, mastering the ability to reflect and evaluate own results,critical thinking


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Do you love working on educational projects with children, youth and adults?
Are you creative and open-minded?
Do you have any interesting hobbies that you can share with others? (music, sports, art ... everything is welcome)
Are you a responsible person?
Do you have a lot of new ideas for fun & educative activities?

If yes, then you are a perfect candidate for this position!
Don't hesitate to apply, we are waiting for you!


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If you are interested in this project, please send us your CV, motivation letter focusing on why did you choose this project and our application form ( filled out in English via E-Mail to:



In a project two volunteers will be involved, one from Germany and one from Spain.
After each phase of a project volunteers get an extended weekend in order to reflect on the learning process, goals revision, and relaxation.
In addition, the volunteer works in a wider team on the creation of a textbook of value education and participates in the emerging teaching methodology of the first alternative class of the state high school in Bohemia.