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Youth Archipelago Project

project description

The main goal of this project is to connect the Alanders youth with other people from different cultures and backgrounds, while we are developing youth projects to increase their social life but also to give them the opportunity to share with foreigners their personal life experiences as a youth in the Archipelago. While the EVS will be in Aland, we will give them the opportunity to develop their ideas and projects. It is essential to have and learn from new perspectives, but also it would be great for them to get to know the unique lifestyle in the Archipelago. While we will develop together this project, the personal skills will be the tools to increase not only the individual experience but so the self-development as entrepreneurial thinking; they will benefit whether they will be working as an employee or self-employed. It is essential to have an open mind, high level of flexibility and be able to share things.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

As accommodation, the volunteers will be living in an apartment close to the office in Mariehamn. When it will be trips around in the archipelago, the housing will be at the schools or with friends/hosts due to the lack of hostel or other accommodation in the archipelago. When traveling the lunch will be in charge of schools, at the office and at the apartment they will cook their on food. In Mariehamn walking and bicycling will be the mani transportation. In the archipelago SKUNK will arrange with ferries, buses, taxis and cars.


training during the project

During the project the volunteer should learn about youth work and practice their language skills specially english and swedish and learn about other cultures. They will train in how to develop projects and learn about entrepreneurial and creative thinking. They will determine the value of young people and practise to see the youths as full-worthy members of the society.


volunteer profile

We are looking for two persons with experiences at working with young people and staying at camps. These persons should be flexible and have a reasonable level of English. We want volunteers who like animals and nature.
They shall be able to work independently and together with others, like to travel, and know social media as they are essential in the daily work.


how to apply

Send an email to
Present your self with cv ad a personalpresentation.
Read about SKUNK at


additional information

The work will be n´mainy done in an area with geographical obstacles.


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