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STRIM and TPD - Youth Friends

project description

The purpose of the Children Friends Society (TPD) is concern for children quality of life, their broad development, health, security, self-respect and equal opportunities.
The organization has departments in many regions in Poland. Our Department, in Cracow, leads: 12 Daily Care Centers for children and youth, Adoption Center in Krakow, Kindergarten with Integration Units, Psychological and Educational Support Center for Early Child Development, Children “Holiday House” near Beskid Mountains.
The Hosting Organization would like to host EVS volunteers in 8 Daily Care Centers in Cracow.
All of the Centers have common aims:
1. To raise up kid as a proper run up in sociaty human being, self-conscious, able to self-upbringing and happy
The particular are:
1. The raise of the level of kid development in every plain of life
2. The raise of the knowledge and parental skills among families
3. The strengthened inter-families ties and improvement of running families in local society


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Support for the volunteer will be ensured by Coordinating organization - Association STRIM, which has many years of experience in European Voluntary Service projects. Volunteers will be provided with a place in a room with another volunteer, transport from home to the workplace, money for alimentation and pocket money, language support. In addition, each of the volunteers can count on the support of individual mentor who will help in the process of adaptation to the new environment and culture.


volunteer profile

A volunteer may be anyone, regardless of gender, race, nationality, political views or health. We would like to work the most with volunteers open minded, communicative, friendly and responsible. This kind of work is good for the people who like children, are patient and understanding, have some passions and interest that they are willing to share. It would also be nice to have a person who like to work in group and cooperate with the rest of the staff. It is imperative to know that the most important is to ensure children's safety and the best conditions for their development.


how to apply

Volunteers can apply for the project via coordinating organization STRIM Association
Fill-in the Application form from our web site
Contact person: Monika