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Youth worker on the farm

Youth worker on the farm

Diggie vzw

Brakel, Belgium

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Beschrijving van het project

The volunteer works on the farm and has tasks such as feeding the animals, cleaning the stables, working in the garden together with other volunteers and visitors. As the volunteer learns more Dutch, he/she can be involved in guiding the visiting groups on the farm and accompany kids on a farm camp. Working on a farm camp also means cooking for the whole group, washing up the dishes, washing the children, putting them into bed, comfort them when they miss their moms... And invent a lot of funny outdoor games. All of this of course together with other volunteers. Depending on the interests of the volunteer, we can think of working out a specific project such as developing an educational program for visiting schools, building a nice game element on the meadow, creating new activities, making a little promotional film on Diggie... We appreciate it when the volunteer integrates his or her own creativity, skills and ideas in the Diggie project!


Regelingen voor accommodatie, eten, en vervoer

The place of residence depends on the preference of the volunteer. The volunteer can stay in Brakel, the small village. We will look for a hosting family or a place of residence in the neighbourhood. In this case we provide a bike to come to Diggie. A second option is that the volunteer lives in Ghent, a city 35 kms away from Brakel. We provide a room or a house to share with peers. The volunteer comes with train and bus to Diggie every day. All costs of residence and transport will be paied by Diggie. The volunteer has to cook his/her own meal. We provide 180€ a month for food.


Opleiding tijdens het project

We will teach the volunteer some specific skills needed on the farm. He/she has to learn to heat up the wooden oven and bake bread and pizzas, learns to make felt out of the wool of our sheep, make butter and ice cream out of the milk of our neighbour farmer. The volunteers usually learn a lot from each other. We always have a nice mix of volunteers with less and more experience, with less and more abilities... We attach great importance to learning the Dutch language. The volunteer can use the Online Language Support from Youth in Action, but we can also look for some evening classes.



We are looking for a well motivated all-round volunteer. Social skills and enthusiasm are the most important characteristics of the volunteer. Education or experience in youth work, social work or farming can be valuable, but is not necessary. We expect the volunteer to love animals and people, in particular children and people with special needs. He or she should like to work outside, also when the weather is bad!


Hoe kan ik me aanmelden?

Please send us an email with your CV and describe your motivation for application.


Aanvullende informatie

Take a look at us on or on facebook!

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This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.


A total of 52 week(s) during the period 09/09/2018 to 08/09/2019


Diggieweg, 14, 9660 Brakel

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Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: 15/02/2018


Name: Nele Bosch