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EVS placement in JFE Anna Landsberger

project description

Anna Landsberger youth centre is mostly focused on programs for local youth, culture and learning processes. In this youth centre, local youth is coming and spending free time according to their own interests. They also implement initiatives for more quality spending of time and for improving facilities and services in this youth centre. Users of the Youth centre are youngsters in Age from 10 to 27.We implemented many projects in our district which is mostly populated with people and youth with economical difficulties. Our district is hosting refugees in refugee’s camps. There are 2 camps in surrounding of the Anna, each is hosting 500 people and 3 more internship accommodations from which each hosts 300 people. In this number it is a lot of English as well as Arabic, Farsi speaking youngsters which had become target group of “Anna Landsberger” youth centre since they are our new neighbours. The youth centre “Anna Landsberger” lives from active doing of youngsters from district.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will be accommodated in shared flat in the district where our organization is implementing activities. Each volunteer will have his/her own room while common space will be shared among them (apartment host 3 persons). At begin of each month volunteer will receive food, pocket and public trans-port money (food and pocket money according to the Erasmus plus rules and for public transport real costs of monthly ticket for volunteer category).


volunteer profile

2 patient and motivated volunteers required for organizing and facilitating social, integration, artistic involvement and activities youngsters. Service users mostly live in the district which is surrounding project venue. Since there are “new” neighbours in our district knowledge of Arabic, Farsi or German is appreciated.


how to apply

Volunteers should send email to Email should contain name of the project, SO details, CV in Europass form and motivation letter.