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The door of opportunities open

The door of opportunities open

Spolek pratel Cyrilometodejskeho gymnazia v Prostejove

Prostejov, Czech Republic

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Popis projektu

The aim of the project "EVS – The door of opportunities open" is to offer young people the opportunity for personal development and informal learning, and also to show young people from Prostejov possibilities, which they have thanks to the European Voluntary Service and the Erasmus+ programme. On the one hand, the volunteers bring their culture into the host country, on the other hand they can learn about the local culture, so it could lead to mutual enrichment and beginning of intercultural cooperation. Volunteers in the project can learn to express their thoughts, emotions and experiences. They will get the opportunity to learn how to manage their work and leisure.


Ubytování, stravování, doprava

We have prepared accommodation for you in a flat, where you will live with the second one volunteer. For each of you we have a separate room. The Prostejov is quite small city and there live about 45 000 people. Volunteers get the amount of pocket money per month, which they can use for food and free time. You can check the attached timetable which can be changed (depends on your activities and our programme).


Školení během projektu

Volunteers will participate in the activities of the Youth Information Centre, and they will thus have plenty of opportunities to learn how to search information and present them, to communicate and collaborate in the context of social networks or on the internet etc. The main activities of volunteers will be to create their own activities and miniprojects for young people and the general public and continue in traditional activities of the organization and previous volunteers. Volunteers will get opportunity to learn Czech language.


Profil dobrovolníka

We would like to host volunteer who want to learn how to prepare activities for children and young people and want to test their own ideas and activities. Race, ethnicity, gender and religion will not affect the volunteer selection process. We are looking for one volunteer from Spain.


Jak se přihlásit

Send us an email with your CV and motivation letter.


Související internetové odkazy

Youth Information CentreCMG Friends Club Prostějov

This opportunity is offered in the frame of an Erasmus+ volunteering project and will be confirmed as soon as funding is approved.
For further information on the status of the project, please get in touch with the organisation.

data vztahující se k projektu:

V období 01/09/2018 to 31/01/2019 celkový počet týdnů: 21

místo projektu

Komenskeho 17, 796 01 Prostejov Czech Republic

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témata projektu

mládež (účast mládeže na veřejném dění, práce s mládeží, mládežnická politika)

informační a komunikační technologie, nové technologie, digitální dovednosti

občanství EU, povědomí o EU a demokracie

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Lhůta k podání přihlášky není stanovena

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Name: Katerina Opatrna

hostitelská organizace

Spolek pratel Cyrilometodejskeho gymnazia v Prostejove

Prostějov, Česká republika