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Wildlife Rescue Ostende

project description

The Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend takes care of sick, injured or orphaned wildlife. The last 3 years we get at about 3500 patients, most of them because of human activities (e.g. oil, but also traffic, birds taken by a cat, birds that flew against a window…). Our main goal is the rehabilitation of wildlife so we can release them back into the wild. By doing this we also try to educate the public. The centre organises activities about nature and bird protection for local people. We also support scientific research of different institutes in providing data about the animals that stay in the centre. Long term EVS will be involved in the daily running of the centre. They will be involved in several tasks, such as: feeding animals, assistance with medical care of fractures, diseases and wounds, catching and releasing birds and animals and administrative work/assistance in organization of activities for fundraising.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodation: the accommodation is fully organized by the coordinating organization: we rent 3 rooms in a student house in the city of Ostend for the long-term EVS. These rooms are fully equiped with furniture and a kitchenette. The toilets and bathroom are shared & there is wifi. Before arrival we ask you (on own account) to deposit a warranty of € 250 for the accommodation, which will be returned at the end of the project.
Food: you recieve € 360 per month (food & pocketmoney). Transport: bike availble with free repairing service. Other transport ways must be paid for yourself


training during the project

The volunteer is trained by the staff, other EVS and volunteers. During the project, you will learn everything about revalidation of wildlife, tubefeeding, revalidation of oiled wildlife, raising orphaned wildlife, fluid therapy, most common diseases and reasons of being brought in. We organize a short training in raising orphaned wildlife and revalidation of oiled wildlife during the year, specially for our EVS. At all times, there is support of a staffmember.


volunteer profile

The volunteer needs a basic knowledge (A2) of the English language. The volunteer will have to work in team, with other volunteers and staff members. Motivation is very important! The youngster must be aware that this EVS project sometimes can be hard, emotional and physical. It can be stressful, especially in summer. We think personal attitude is very important: be able to deal with strict protocols, open to learn and improve yourself, have a specific attitude towards wild animals, no allergies, vaccinated against Tetanus and Rabiës.


how to apply

Send us an email with your resume and a cover letter in English.


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