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Volunteering projects

project description

The Centro Culturale Fonti San Lorenzo works everyday for its community encouraging the coexistence and intergenerational exchange among the elderly, adults, teens and children. Daily the Youth Centre offers, thanks to the work of volunteers and professional educators, a qualified educational service, unique to the area, and proposals related to culture, art, music, critical consumption, environment, sustainable development and participative democracy.
The project objectives are:
- improve the integration and connections between different age groups and cultures;
- motivational incentive toward achieving a proactive common civic sense;
- improve awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development;
- promote the arts (music, fine art, literature, theatre and audiovisual projects);
- offer extra-curricular support;
- manage a daily recreational and educational opportunity for every citizen;
- promote active citizenship and the principles of the European community.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Working hours:
Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays.

- Pocket money – The volunteer will receive monthly pocket money on – 115 euros
- Food allowances - The volunteer will receive monthly food allowance

Transport arrangements:
Volunteers will commute by foot from the accomodation to the Centro Culturale Fonti San Lorenzo


training during the project

The volunteer will take part to all the training coordinated by the Italian National Agency; they'll also do a training provided by Centro Culturale Fonti San Lorenzo (coordinator and educator will explain working method during the service). It's possible to do an italian course during all the months.


volunteer profile

We are looking for 2 volunteers: one from Spain and one from Portugal in age 18-30.
We need open-minded, dynamic and democratic people to work with our group of young people aged 4-21.

* volunteer with educative competences, available to work with children (4-10 years old) in a dynamic and intergenerational context, where can engage in ecological tasks.
* volunteer with communicative competences, but capable to invest him/herself in educational or ecological tasks.
The volunteers will learn anti-autoritarian and auto-gestional methodologies, which structured the context.


how to apply

Send CV and Motivation letter in italian, english or in spanish to