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Sankt Petri Kirke

Volunteering projects

project description

The volunteer will work in the congregation and also in the SFO, which is the afternoon activity center of Sankt Petri Skole. In Sankt Petri church will the volunteer be likely to take special initiatives for young people and families and will among other things be involved in planning and celebrating services for children. The volunteer will have some practical work in the community such as events and festivals. The volunteer will have the possibility of being involved in making PR-material for the community and to take initiatives concerning communication as a whole. He will also assist in the Church office in the administration. In the SFO of Sankt Petri Skole the volunteer will work with children, age 6 to 10. Tasks include indoor and outdoor activities and the preparation of special events. In both institutions the volunteer will be part of teams and will work creatively in building up the community-life according to modern goals and perspectives.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteer will stay in a host family and be provided with three meals a day. It might be that lunch is served at the project. In relation to transport the volunteer will go by bus, train or bike. The transport expenses between the project, language school and home are covered by the program.


volunteer profile

The project is open to all partners, but will give priority to volunteers that are interested in social issues, in learning Danish language and at the same time could volunteer 10 months from September to June. The volunteer has to be a mature youngster and has to be fluent in German. The volunteer needs to be self confident, creative and responsible. In addition the volunteer needs to have taken the decision to be a volunteer, having decided to try life in another culture - to try a life, where you think of others, where you work together in a team.


how to apply

In order to apply please fill out the application form attached and send it along with your CV to as soon as possible and before the 31th October 2017. If you have been shortlisted for the project we will contact you for a skype interview before the 15th December 2017.