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Voluntariado europeo en Rumanía con Cuerpo Europeo Solidaridad

project description

Voluntariado europeo en Rumanía con todos los gastos pagados a través del Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad.

Hosting organisation represents an initiative of 5 organisations accredited on EVS, from 5 Member States: Romania, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. This project aims to ensure the framework of non-formal learning experience for 8 volunteers hosted in Arad.
We mediate intercultural learning contexts for children and young people in order to strength their competences to enable them to get easily integrated on the labour market.


accommodation, food and transport arrangements

At the start of each month we will give you your EVS pocket money € 60 plus food allowance € 120 per month

– a total € 180 per person per month. We will pay your house rent and your house bills. This is enough for you to have a basic standard of living, but you will need to be careful with spending.

NEW * According to new contract with National Agency all candidates should be registered in the European Solidarity Corps.

EVS Mentor

You will have an EVS Mentor when you arrive in Arad. His/her role is to support you during the EVS project in terms of your personal learning (Youthpass


training during the project

Romanian Language course

You will attend every week Romanian class (2 hours course) provided by our teacher using English. Classes are tailored for EVS volunteer’s learning and communication needs.


volunteer profile

Hosting organisation’s Objectives are:
1. Ensuring a non-formal learning experience for 8 international volunteers, hosted within 2 learning mobilities, lasting 9 months each;
2. Providing an educational program, based on non-formal education principles, targeting 100 children and youngsters from Arad, during a period of 18 months;
3. Increasing the level of information/education/awareness for 80 youngsters from Arad, concerning drug consumption and Safety on Internet, during a period of 18 months;
Project activities
will be developed under the following framework of activities:


how to apply

All documents written in english you can send to: with subject “EVS Romania Gameducation Barbatu”.


additional information

The project will create a learning setting for volunteers and beneficiaries of the activity (children and youths) as well as for working teams, direct beneficiaries from Arad and whole community.

Our local partners are: Educational Centre for children with special needs, County Network for Inclusive Education, County Agency for Child Protection, Vis de Copil (A child dream) Foundation.

GamEducation represents an initiative of 5 accredited organizations from Romania, France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

General Objective of this project is to foster relevant learning framework for 4


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