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On the iron footsteps of history

Volunteering projects

project description

The project " On the iron footsteps of history" focuses on ecology, art, history and builds on our previous EVS projects. The main idea of the project is a return to the original life of our ancestors in harmony with nature, to indigenous traditions and crafts. Our goal is to restore and make available iron ore mine and build the furnace for smelting iron ore from the period 1500 BC to be part of the Slavonic settlements - Hradisko Železná.
The project will be implemented on the farm Hradisko Železná, which is located 2 km from the village of Železná Breznica, Slovakia. The farm, which is situated in a remote area in a beautiful mountain setting, was built in 1997 and consists of a main building and several agricultural buildings. The main building is renovated with modern equipment. Currently, the horse farm contains 15 horses.


training during the project

Volunteer activities will be focused on improving skills in traditional crafts and technologies, in environmental protection and in filmmaking and organizing cultural events.


volunteer profile

We are looking for a young and motivated person who is interested workethic, reliable, history and arts lover and a person who is not affraid of new things and experience.


how to apply

Send us an email with your CV and a motivation letter. Decide which project is most suitable for you and contact us. Find your sending organization and we will prepare your invitation letter and later voluntary agreement.